Google Buys Word Lens Using Camera Phone in 'Translating Languages'

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Google is again in the headlines for an exceptional service. To strengthen its translating services, Google has acquired Quest Visual, a developer firm, and its Word Lens mobile translation app.

The powerful technology is now a part of Google Translate, a multilingual statistical service provided by Google translating written text from one language into another. The company confirmed Google's take over should move its team on Word Lens, which will allow users to use their camera to search a foreign language.

It will then translate the selected text in the required language. The purchase also means that the Word Lens team will be transferred to the Google Translate team where the company will assist in integrating the technology into Google's personal translation app.

Quest Visual updated the Word Lens Web page to confirm the acquisition.

"Quest Visual is joining Google! With Word Lens, we've seen the beginnings of what's possible when we harness the power of mobile devices to 'see the world in your language.' By joining Google, we can incorporate Quest Visual's technology into Google Translate's broad language coverage and translation capabilities in the future," the company said.

The striking part about this feature is that Word Lens not only translates printed words from one language to another using any smartphone camera but it also doesn't require any network connection for it to work.

Google Translate will stand on its own with its useful and better options available to the end user. This expectation is running all over that is why Apple is not happy with this change.

Word Lens and its various language packs are made free on both iOS and Android, but Quest Visual clearly said the plan is to transition to Google as soon as possible and that is why there should be no expectation in the way of updates moving forward.

"As a thank you to everybody who supported us on our journey, we've made both the app and the language packs free to download for a limited time while we transition to Google," it said in a post.

While Word Lens is functioned to translate only a few Western languages, but Google translates around 340 languages. It seems to be a perfect fit for both parties. Word Lens is available for iOS, Android and Glass.

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