Google Announces Updates to Maps API

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Google announced an update to the Google Maps API which will make it easier to insert vector-base maps into applications. This will provide developers better and more comprehensive set of tools to integrate maps into Android Apps.

The new API uses vector-based maps that support 2D and 3D views, and allow users to tilt and rotate the map with simple gestures. Included in the update are layers from Google Maps such as satellite, hybrid, terrain, and traffic, and indoor maps for many major airports and shopping centres in the user's apps.

Google launched the update on Monday, Dec 3, and is a part of Google Play services 2.0, allowing more simple and agile access to Google products within Android apps.

The update will directly benefit users of Android OS once developers have integrated the new maps API to their applications. There are reports that updates will also soon be made available for iOS devices.

API or application programming interface is a protocol intended to be used as an interface by software components to communicate with each other.

Web APIs

When used in the context of web development, an API is commonly defined as a Hypertext Transfer Protocol or HTTP request messages. In web use, APIs is allowed in publishing practice to open web communities for sharing contents and data between applications. The contents created can be dynamically be posted and updated in multiple web locations.

1.     Photos can be shared from sites like Flickr, Facebook, and Photobucket.

2.     Content can be embedded from SlideShare to a LinkenIn profile.

3.     Sharing live comments made on Twitter with a Facebook account.

4.     Video content can be embedded on sites which are served by another host.

For the developer, here are some details of Android developers' documentation.

Interfaces Updates

  • A callback interface for reporting when task is complete or cancelled.
  • Provides views for customised rendering of info-windows.
  • Callback interface for click/tap events on a marker's info windows.
  • Callback interface when the user long presses on the map.
  • Callback interface for drag events on markets.
  • Handles a location update.

Classes Updates

  • Defines a camera move.
  • Support map fragment
  • UI settings for user settings of the Google Maps interface
  • Google Map options
  • Map view
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