Google Android Silver Program, Five Interesting Things to Know

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Reports have been circulating that Google has been engineering  Android Silver Program to be the next leader in Android ecosystem and Nexus programming.  With so much web flurry going around, there are five interesting things to know on this program.

1.       Google Android Silver Program will encourage win-win partnerships with mobile phone carriers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).  According to reports, Silver phones released in the market will have limited pre-installed non-Google apps or that apps could at least be deleted by the end user upon procurement. To this end, Google will shell out $1 billion for the promotion of the Silver devices via ad campaigns, in-store displays, and provision of Google trained employees promoting Silver devices on kiosks.

2.       Google Android Silver Program will be enabled with advanced features. This new program is said to be empowered with waterproofing and voice recognition capabilities which are not found in other Android and Nexus programs. This way, mobile phone users will have a greater peace of mind knowing that their smart phones will still work properly even when accidentally splashed with water and will only function with the owner and not with mobile phone thief anymore. Besides, there will be a "Never Lost" software installed in the Silver devices so owners manage their mobile phones and even can track down their phone's location in cases of loss or theft.

3.       Google Android Silver Program will uplift underrepresented Android OEMs in the market. According to Tech Crunch, LG and Motorola which have not been investing heavily on their own Android smart phones will be the most likely early partners of Google for this program. This means that LG and Motorola manufactured phones will not only have their mandatory "Powered by Android" logo when booted but will also have the regular and timely updates similar to the Nexus mobile phones. Besides, Google Android Silver program will give these OEM companies the chance of dramatically increasing their smart phone sales and possibly gaining momentum in the Android world which is dominated by Samsung.

4.       Google Android Silver Program will provide seamless transition. According to Hindustan Times, the Silver edition of mobile phones will be able to effortlessly transfer data and apps of the mobile phone owner from the old handset to the new one. This will allow users to focus more the other things that matter to them on their smart phone instead of painfully migrating the data from one phone to another.

5.       Google Android Silver Program will have the epitome of high-quality smart phone, sleek design, and enhanced user experience. Reports have it that the Google Android Silver Program will have not just the Silver case instead of the plastic metal but it will also have a similar skin of Samsung phones. There have even been reports that this new program will possibly do away with Nexus or the Google Play Editions plus the solid customer focus so there is a probability of leveling off the Android market playing field.

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