Google Android L Preview with Google Play Services 5.0

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A Google Employee Wears An LG G Android Wear Smart Watch While Using His Phone.
IN PHOTO: A Google employee wears an LG G Android Wear smart watch while using his phone at the Google I/O developers conference in San Francisco June 26, 2014. The LG G watch was announced along with the Samsung Gear Live during the conference keynote. REUTERS

At the Google I/O conference, Google showed what it has in store for developers and consumers. The projects discussed during the event extend to other platforms like Android Auto, Android TV and Android Wear among others. According to Google-Android developers, the main focus of the Android L  and Google Play Services is to offer users a seamless experience across different platforms while enjoying carrying tasks or spending their time. 

Google just held its developer conference it appears people will have to watch out for the next big thing challenging Apple's recently launched iOS 8 as well. According to Android's developer blog: 

"At Google, our focus is providing a seamless experience for users across all of the screens in their lives. An important component to that is making sure that you as developers have all of the tools necessary to easily deploy your apps across to those screens. Increasingly, Android is becoming the fabric that weaves these experiences together, which is why you'll be excited about a number of things we unveiled today." 

Google has started providing a development version of its upcoming platform for the first time. According to the company, the L Developer Preview allows developers to explore capabilities and new features of the upcoming Android Platform. The company also noted that the platform is evolving so it is necessary to provide developers with such version. According to the preview, some of the things people can expect from the Android L OS include: 

-Multi-screen world material design - Android has been working on a brand new design language using comprehensive motion, visual and design interaction throughout different form factors and platforms.

-Improved Notifications

-Document-centric Recents - users can now organize their apps depending on the tasks carried under each program

-Project Volta - New APIs and tools to support app performance also helping users manage their battery life and impact.

Other features to come include BLE Peripheral Mode, Multi-networking, 64-Bit support, ART and advanced camera capabilities. As for Google Play Services, Android will offer the following services: for Android wearables, Play Game services, App Indexing API, Google Cast, Drive, Wallet and Analytics.

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