Google Android L Details the New Camera, Notification Heads-Up Sample and Nova Launcher Trial

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Pinchai Speaks During His Keynote Address at the Google I/O Developers Conference in San Francisco
Sundar Pinchai, Google's senior vice president of Android, Chrome and Apps, speaks during his keynote address at the Google I/O developers conference in San Francisco, June 25, 2014 REUTERS

The Google Android L is fast becoming an awaited update for Android devices, and even though the promised release date is somewhere in fall of this year, there have been a lot of information about what's coming with this update.

Among these include the Camera 2 API features, which bring a number of new things on the table. Gadgets NDTV reports that the Android L's camera feature will have a full resolution for its images, without decreasing the speed of the hardware of the Android device.

This means that, depending on the Android device of your choice, you can now maximise the resolution of the camera that comes with your Android device. Some of the other features that come with the Android L also include HDR+ and Digital Negative Format, as well as other post-processing features.

A number of features have also been tagged to the Android L Camera 2 API, which makes the camera feature worth looking into. Android Police also lists down a couple of other features that involve more of the finer controls. These include ISO sensitivity, flash trigger, colour correction matrix, metering regions, capture intent, and lens focus distance, among others.

Get a Hands-on Try at the Android L Notifications

Almost everyone is already excited with the Android L update because it's not just about getting a bunch of bug fixes, but rather an update bringing in new features to the Android OS.

And one of these features will be the notifications app. Called the heads-up notifications app, this will bring in the bigger era of pop-ups. This can be seen as demoed in the video below.

If you want to try this new feature, SlashGear has spotted an unofficial release of the app, but don't expect this to be an official one from Google. According to the source, what you need to do is allow "Heads Up!" to run through your device so it can draw the other apps, and enable the unofficial app to gain access to your device.

The Heads-up Notifications app can either be sampled via the XDA developers forum for fee or through Google Play, though you'd now have to cough up $1.

The Nova Launch Trial--See What the Android L is Like

With Android L still being young as it is as an OS, there are only a handful of devices that can even see the preview form. While this is not surprising, seeing as how some devices still have yet to receive the Android 4.4.4 Kitkat update.

However, there is a way to get a taste of the newest OS offer from Google. TechnoBuffalo reports that the Nova Launcher update now allows a glimpse of the changes that come with the Android L.

The latest update for the Nova Launcher will bring in a preview of the Android L just so you can see the new improvements without having to adapt the software. By using the Nova Launcher, you can check out the icon packs and fonts, layouts and designs, to name a few.

Nova Launcher is free on Google Play Store, though there is a paid prime option for more features for customisation. Additionally downloading the Moonshine icon pack from Google Play Store can actually boost your icon experience to over 300, as well as other Android L keyboard ports from other developers on the app store.

Google Android L heads-up notifications (via YouTube/Murdearaa)

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