Google Alert: Store of Searched Products Just Within Reach

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The search engine giant Google has unleashed another alert button that might make shopaholics have personal shopping assistant.

According to a recent announcement at Google+, the Google Now card on the users' smartphones will notify them that a product they recently searched is just within reach.

"You've been looking for the perfect pair of hiking boots online, but haven't gotten around to pulling the trigger. Starting today, if you're out and about and near a store that carries those boots, you might see a Google Now card showing you the product and price to remind you that you wanted them," the company writes.

This digital assistant service is a new move by Google which will not only make smartphone users aware of the location of the product but will most likely drive them into the physical retail store.

"Now all you have to do is pop into the store and check if they're in stock! Just be sure to update your#GoogleSearch app for Android now," says Google.

However, this powerful advertising app from Google has no idea of the item's availability on the nearby store it alerted. Hence, there is a probability that the smartphone user will literally drop by the physical store only to realize that there is no available stock.

There is also the probability that Google Now will still alert the user of the nearby stores even if he or she has already purchased the product.

In addition to the Google alert of nearby stores, this app also serves like a personal assistant. This app has the capability to alert smart phone users on other location-based information such as traffic situation, news stories, stock prices, and other relevant information.

Smartphone users who are on transit may take advantage of the Google Now to keep away from roads with heavy traffic. They may also monitor the stock prices of the companies where they invested their finances.

The app even comes with a parking detector so that when smartphone users leave their vehicles, the app will be able to track down the vehicles' location.

Google Now app is available for Android smartphones and iOS operating systems. As Google mentioned, users who wanted to enable the app just need to update their Google Search app. For those who do not have the Google Search feature yet, they can download it from Google Play.

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