Google AdSense Conspiracy Revealed

By @AringoYenko on

On Monday, a previous Google employee revealed that Google controls its AdSense Quality Control Color Codes to disallow some publishers - a move that decreases Google pay out for the earnings acquired from banned publishers.

"I am a former Google employee and I am writing this to leak information to the public of what I witnessed and took part in while being an employee. My position was to deal with AdSense accounts, more specifically the accounts of publishers (not advertisers). I was employed at Google for a period of several years in this capacity," the whistleblower begun his or her long confession.

The anonymous leaker made bold accusations saying that the alleged control could have FBI and IRS going after Google.

"To sum it up for everyone, I took part in what I (and many others) would consider theft of money from the publishers by Google, and from direct orders of management. There were many AdSense employees involved, and it spanned many years, and I hear it still is happening today except on a much wider scale. No one on the outside knows it, if they did, the FBI and possibly IRS would immediately launch an investigation, because what they are doing is so inherently illegal and they are flying completely under the radar."

To read his or her full confession click here.

Google, in a statement provided to TNW Blog, denied the allegation, saying that the description made by the leaker of its AdSense policy enforcement process was fictional in all context. The company said there was no such colour-coding existing within its systems. The statement said that prohibitions done by Google employees and automated systems involved banning bad actors - this is beneficial as protection for publishers and advertisers.

 "All publishers that sign up for AdSense agree to the Terms and Conditions of the service and a set of policies designed to ensure the quality of the network for users, advertisers and other publishers. When we discover  violations of these policies, we take quick action, which in some cases includes disabling the publisher's account and refunding affected advertisers," the statement said.

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