Goodbye Google Nexus, Hello Google Silver Program

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The Google Nexus program has been a successful venture for the internet giant. One of the major selling points of the Nexus program is the affordable price despite the premium features. Google has made it a point to push for aggressive pricing especially with the Nexus 7 and the Nexus 5. However, despite popularity of the program, recent information suggests that Google may be ready to retire the program. 

According to a report by Android and Me, the internet giant may be gearing for new program dubbed "Silver" in place of Nexus. Instead of the usual premium features and affordable price, the Silver program will focus on developing and releasing high end devices. Google will partner once more with other companies to produce high-end devices targeting competitors like Samsung and Apple. 

The Android smartphones released under the program will also feature a range of non-Google applications. Likewise, users may have the option to uninstall the applications. Another report from The Information says that Android Silver offerings will receive updates more quickly. They should ensure a true and consistent Google user experience. 

What will the Silver program offer other manufacturers? The deal is that once companies pair up with Google, the internet giant will promote the Android silver devices aggressively including in carrier stores. This means companies can save up on heavy promotions. Google will run the marketing engine for the Silver products. 

Among those first in line to create the Silver devices are LG and Motorola. According to reports, the initial Silver devices should come out in stores early in 2015. They will likely come out in the United States first before trickling to other markets across the globe. It was also reported that Google will go for in-store display to promote the Silver units. 

Google has been working on strengthening the Android platform. The latest Android 4.4. KitKat update sought to fix fragmentation. The focus is starting to show up as people can see more devices with the label "Powered by Android." It appears Google has branding in mind for the coming periods.

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