The Good Wife Season 6 Updates: Josh Charles Gets New Role; Julianna Margulies Talks Series Ending, Gets Another Emmy Nod [SPOILERS]

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"The Good Wife" Season 6 filming is underway, as avid viewers are still reeling from the death of one of its key characters. Meanwhile, the drama show's lead actress Julianna Margulies is once again nominated for an Emmy, and Josh Charles prepares for his new role in the acclaimed CBS series. Find out what Margulies has to say about her show's series ending.

Spoiler alert: This feature contains major spoilers on The Good Wife Season 5. Season 6 takes Alicia Florrick to a whole new level of challenges.

The recently announced nomination of Julianna Margulies for Emmy's Best Actress category is well-deserved considering what Alicia Florrick has gone through in the last few episodes of Season 5. The death of Will Gardner (Josh Charles) tops Alicia's worst pains, and highlights Margulies' best acting moments.

The good news for fans of Josh Charles is the actor is still in The Good Wife Season 6. Only this time, Charles is wearing a director's hat. Charles is not new to directing, though. He directed "The Art of War" in Season 4, as well as "The Next Month" and "Tying the Knot" in Season 5, TVGuide reported.

Josh Charles also gets an Emmy nomination, under the Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series category. Will Gardner dies of a fatal gunshot wound in The Good Wife Season 5.

In another update, Taye Diggs is guesting on The Good Wife Season 6, as announced by creators and showrunners Robert and Michelle King.

"We couldn't be more excited to have Taye on the show," the couple is quoted in a report on Incidentally, the same report carries a photo of Julianna Margulies looking fit and fabulous on her way to a workout.

Asked about the The Good Wife series ending, Margulies joked the series would go on for 18 years during an interview with TVLine. Speaking seriously, though, she guessed the series would get at least one more season.

"(A)s long as they're happy to write for Alicia, I'm happy to play her. My guess is we'll go seven seasons," TVLine quoted the actress as saying.

The Good Wife Season 6 premieres Sept. 21, says TVGuide.

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