The Good Wife Season 5, 'The Next Day' Spoilers, Review: Alicia Florrick Brings It, More Riveting Episodes to Come [VIDEO]

Will Kalinda really stay at Lockhart Gardner?
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"The Good Wife" Season 5, Episode 6, called "The Next Day" picks up from where things left off in the previous episode, "Hitting the Fan." Alicia Florrick (Julianna Margulies) is bringing it, taking from Lockhart Gardner a US$35-million client. The war has just begun. Viewers have good reasons to look forward to the next episodes. For one, will it really be Kalinda vs Alicia moving forward?

Spoiler alert: This review contains spoilers from the Nov. 3 episode of "The Good Wife" Season 5. These are the highlights from Episode 5 ("Hitting the Fan") and 6 ("The Next Day"). Read at your own risk.

The Good Wife Season 5, Episode 5: Recap of highlights

A lot of exciting things were seen in "Hitting the Fan," the Oct. 27 episode of The Good Wife. Will Gardner (Josh Charles) and Peter Florrick (Chris Noth) engage in a testosterone-induced verbal hustling. Cary Agos (Matt Czuchry) faces Diane Lockhart (Christine Baranski). The new Will and Diane are "busy kicking ass," as Alicia describes it. (And it just turns him on.)

"The Next Day" will see Lockhart Gardner suffer from losing Neil Gross (John Benjamin Hickey) and the Chumhum search engine. Florrick, Agos and Associates are all set with a multimillion client, thanks to Peter's web commerce and taxation public remark. Kalinda Sharma (Archie Panjabi) betrays Cary to back Will. Diane's judgeship is in peril. This is perhaps easily one of the Top 3 if not the most riveting episode of the CBS series.

The best lines were delivered by Julianna Margulies. In response to David Lee (Zach Grenier) calling her "Judas," the good wife told Lee, Lockhart and Gardner: "We're coming after you. All your clients. Every single one we worked to make happy while you swept in at the last minute to take credit. We're taking them. And then you know what you'll have? A very nice suite of offices." That's one powerful quote from the central character.

There's never been a bigger crowd in the hallways of Lockhart Gardner. And there's never been as many lawyers and students in Alicia Florrick's home. Everyone's bringing their A game, thinking ahead, and playing hard ball. Still, the good wife manages to make time for a ten minute romp with her husband. She also takes a couple of minutes to make sure one of her associates is not flirting with her blossoming teenage daughter.

The Good Wife Season 5, Episode 6: Recap of highlights

In its Nov. 3 episode, "The Good Wife" Season 5 tackles Diane's judgeship - or the end of its possibility. Episode 5 shows Peter telling Eli Gold (Alan Cumming) to look for other candidates for a Supreme Court post. Diane and Alicia sit down in "The Next Day" perhaps to resolve the matter. Will Alicia convince Peter to not hang Diane?

Australian actress Melissa George returns this week to reprise her role as Marilyn Garbanza. In a sneak peek clip, the good wife asks the "ethical" woman: "Who do you really work for?" So much is happening at the show now, and viewers have yet to see a face-off between Kalinda Sharma and Alicia Florrick.

VIDEO: The Turbulence Continues 'The Next Day' in 'The Good Wife' Season 5 [SNEAK PEEK]

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"The Good Wife" Season 5, Episode 6 airs Nov. 3 on the U.S. network CBS. Australian viewers watch the series on the Ten Network.

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