Good News: Samsung to Kill 'Bloatware'; Fix for Bloatware and Battery Problems

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The perennial complaint from Samsung users across the globe is the bloatware, which puts a dent in the otherwise impressive device. But according to Philip Berne, Samsung's Marketing Manager for Technical Media, the 'Samsung Hub' service that is part of virtually all the Samsung phones and tablets will be put to rest soon.

For those unfamiliar with 'Samsung Hub', it lets users to access apps, music, movies and others; in addition to syncing the content/data across other Samsung devices. Also, it allows users to shop for music, apps, and books, among others. The concept of Hub is very similar to Google Play store.

According to BGR, Samsung's proprietary apps are not received as expected by the customers when compared to the popular third-party apps. Constant feedback from customers and critics alike could be one of the reasons why the South Korean company is planning to abandon the unwanted pre-installed service.

If this is not reason enough, the bloatware problem is making Samsung suffer in various other areas as well. Sources say that the Galaxy S3's international variant will not receive its KitKat update, whereas the U.S. version will receive the update. The reason is attributed to Samsung's TouchWiz bloatware problem.

It is worth noting that, Google is trying to reduce the fragmentation issue pertaining to Android OS. Hence it is only natural that, the search giant had a huge say in Samsung deciding to opt out of this service. But there is no official word from Samsung to ascertain this claim.

Fix for Bloatware and Battery Issues

In the mean time, users who are facing bloatware and battery issues with various Samsung devices should check out this device that claim to solve both the problems.

Apparently, Samsung struck a deal with Seagate and announced "Samsung Wireless," a $179 wireless hard drive that provides 1.5 TB of storage space and a battery backup. As far as the specification goes, the hard drive can handle five Wi-Fi connections at a time; in addition, this drive can connect to other devices with the help of USB 3.0.

The battery can give a solid 7 hours of backup power. Moreover, it can double as a smartphone or tablet charger.

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