Golden Globes 2014 Best Actor Winner Predictions: Will '12 Year A Slave" Actor Chiwetel Ejiofor Walk Away With the Trophy?

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Golden Globes 2014 is all set and will be aired Jan. 12. With the nominations being announced, let's take a look at the Best Actor nominations. Who deserves to win this year?

Chiwetel Ejiofor: Garnering worldwide claim for his performance in the historical drama, "12 Year A Slave," Ejifor has already been declared a frontrunner for the Best Actor award in the Oscars. In the film, the 36-year-old actor plays a role of a Solomon Northup who has been abducted in Washington D.C and sold into slavery. Owing to his powerful portrayal Ejiofor should walk with the Golden Globes trophy this year.

Regarding Ejiofor's performance, Owen Gleiberman at Entertainment Weekly wrote: "It is Chiwetel Ejiofor's extraordinary performance that holds the movie together, and that allows us to watch it without blinking. He plays Solomon with a powerful inner strength, yet he never soft-pedals the silent nightmare that is Solomon's daily existence."

Idris Elba: Elba has been nominated for his portrayal of former South African president Nelson Mandela. According to Geoffrey Macnab of, Idris's performance in "Long Walk to Freedom" is stirring.

Tom Hanks: Hanks is another strong contender for the Golden Globes award in the Best Actor category. He is phenomenal in "Captain Phillips" and as Brian Viner of noted, "Were an Academy Award for best actor to be dished out on the strength of five intense minutes, then bookmakers would probably stop taking bets on the likelihood of Tom Hanks winning his third Oscar in March next year," adding, "At 134 minutes, Captain Phillips is a long film, and in the title role, Hanks is splendid throughout. But it is at the end that he really pulls out all the stops, and when you see it - as you should - you will understand how and why.

Matthew McConaughey and Robert Redford are two other actors who have been nominated for their roles in "Dallas Buyers Club" and "All Is Lost," respectively.

Let us know which actor deserves to take Golden Globes home this year.

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