Gold Apple iPhone 6 Images Leaked: What to Expect

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One of the more important concerns about Apple's upcoming iPhone 6 revolves around its design. Smartphones no longer just compete in performance but also in their aesthetic appeal. According to recent images leaked, it looks like Apple has been working on a gold iPhone 6 along with two other color variations: space gray and silver. Considering the gold version of the iPhone 5s, it seems the tech giant has started a new tradition. 

9to5Mac leaked images of a gold iPhone 6 mockup. The images feature the gold edition beside two color options Apple has been offering at present. According to the report, although the model in the picture looks like a dummy, it is also the first time that images of a gold mock up showed up. 

Cutout of the camera on the lighter variants appear strange although it is best to consider the images as dummy or mock up of the upcoming device. They give an idea on what the actual design will be but they do not reflect it accurately. From the images, the Silver and Space Gray models sport a gold Touch ID ring. Although people will have to get familiar with the design, they provide a fresh take on the iPhone series. 

According to a report by TIME, whereas there have been countless tips and leaks about the iPhone 6, the more important question is whether the device is worth the wait and purchase for consumers. TIME sums up information that has surfaced about Apple's upcoming flagship:

  • The 4.7-inch version will feature a 1704-by-960 resolution display. This is as opposed to the 1136-by-640 resolution screen on the 4-inch display of the iPhone 5s and 5c.
  • The design mockups of the phone show that Apple might be gearing up for a curvier design plus a thinner aluminum chassis. The leaked schematics reportedly from Foxconn support such design concept.
  • The iPhone 6 will run on an A8 processor and will sport a sapphire glass.

According to TIME, consumers may find a larger iPhone easier to type on especially with a larger keyboard. However, the iPhone 5s remains a good deal for those who wish to operate their phones with one hand.

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