Going Viral: Ruth Iorio Documents Home Birth on Social Media, Facebook Censors Photo

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Ruth Iorio's Home Birth Photo Censored by Facebook
Ruth Iorio, of Los Angeles, Californina, has become quite a social media celebrity over her home birth story.

Ruth Iorio, of Los Angeles, Californina, has become quite a social media celebrity over her home birth story.

Ruth Iorio, of Los Angeles, Californina, has become quite a social media celebrity over her home birth story. Many netizens are awed by her live tweets on her home birth "social documentary." Her words and pictures paint a "unique experience, whether attractive or not." But then Facebook decided it was going to censor Ruth's photo uploads.

Facebook Censorhip Strikes Against New Mum

"So Facebook removed my birth picture for violating community standards after some sh*thead complained about a private picture. Disgusting," Ruth Iorio said on Twitter, where she is known as Ruth Fowler or @fowlerruth. 

This is the home birth photo, which Facebook apparently considered "inappropriate." It shows naked Ruth Fowler lovingly cradling her just-delivered infant.

Ruth Fowler's Home Birth Photos Taken By Husband Jared Iorio

Ruth has more home birth photos taken by her husband Jared Iorio. She was on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook from the time she's gone into labour. This happened Christmas night, Dec. 25. Huffington Post has some relevant photos and a timeline of the events here. (Follow the link.)

Ruth mentions in one of her tweets that she couldn't imagine being in a hospital bed with an IV during her labour. She gave birth past 9AM on Dec. 26, to a healthy, 8-pound lovely boy, Nye.

However, Ruth had to be rushed to the hospital after giving birth. The baby's placenta wouldn't detach, so she was losing a lot of blood. After two nights in the hospital, where she received blood transfusions, Ruth was released.

"Thanks to my amazing midwife Racha Tahani Lawler for getting me through that, and her assistant Tanya, and my brilliant doula, Allegra Hill," Ruth later wrote on Facebook.

But why live tweet your baby delivery?

Live tweeting her labour and delivery was not something Ruth had elaborately planned, she told The Telegraph. In a nutshell, it occurred to Ruth that she could do it, and so she did.

"In the US. The natural home birthers are divided into the crunchy-granola-munchers and then there are the epidural lot who don't question going to hospital. I don't fit either of those stereotypes. I'm somewhere in the middle," Ruth Iorio told Beverley Turner of The Telegraph.

Ruth did tweet that she is not against epidural and delivery in hospitals.

Ruth's story is going viral, thanks to netizens spreading the news online. The "unique experience" of reading tweets on home-birth-then-delivery-then-hospital is still extraordinary in this day and age. Some readers were shocked. Some netizens were just glad the entire event did not go awry.

Twitter and Facebook reactions #ruthshomebirth

"Your birth story is so amazing!" Twitter user @KatMarie837 posted, in support of Ruth Iorio.

"Whether smooth or with complications, good to see [home birth] can be done safely and in a setting you're comfortable with," tweets @DBImpressions.

As for the Facebook-censored photo, social media user @marissasel commented:

"That's a shame. I found the picture so beautiful. It showed the beauty of the journey you and your son both went through. Thanks."

The photo above shows Ruth Iorio and her baby Nye, taken by Jared Iorio at the UCLA Santa Monica.

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