‘Godzilla’ 2014 Movie review: The Return of ‘The King of the Monsters’

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"Godzilla" fans may not be disappointed with the 2014 movie of what fans call "The King of the Monsters." Reactions are pouring in on the social media, many in anticipation of what they are about to see.

Many of the fans who claim to have seen the movie are excited to share good reviews of the movie. Unlike the previous movie, this time "Godzilla" is pitted against two other monsters. Fans are saying that the most exciting scenes in the movie are these monsters, rather than the drama of the people in the movie.

Viewers may be reminded of the old Japanese "Godzilla" movies which banks heavily on the fights of huge monsters. The producers recently released a video of the monster roaring, the roar video seems to have become quite popular among the fans.

Not everyone is happy with the new look of "Godzilla," some fans are calling the creature "Fatzilla" because the creature appears to be too fat. Fans compare the new look to that of the 1998 movie with the same title, the creature from the older movie seems to have clearly defined muscles compared to the 2014 movie.

The basic theme of many of the "Godzilla" movies has been the harmful effects of nuclear technology. The 2014 movie is no different and viewers get a glimpse of a nuclear power plant being destroyed in the trailer.

The producers of the movie have been very careful with the trailer of the movie. They show glimpses of "Godzilla" along with the action viewers can expect in the movie, without giving too much away in terms of the plot of the movie.

"Godzilla" 2014 is directed by Gareth Edwards and the cast of the movie includes Aaron Taylor-Johnson as Ford Brody, CJ Adams as Young Ford, Ken Watanabe as Dr. Ichiro Serizawa, Bryan Cranston as Joe Brody, Elizabeth Olsen as Elle Brody, Sally Hawkins as Vivienne Graham, Juliette Binoche as Sandra Brody and Richard T. Jones as Captain Russell Hampton.

Will "Godzilla" 2014 be a hit? Or will the fans find the battles of the monsters too tiresome? Many of the fans have expressed their surprise with the story line of the movie. The movie is expected to have a few surprises for the viewers.

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