Gmail is World's Most Popular Email Service: Three Top Reasons

New Compose Feature Rolled Out
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Gmail is the world's most popular email service, according to a report from an Internet analytics company. There are at least three reasons why Gmail users "hang out."

Gmail topped Yahoo! and Hotmail in terms of unique visitors worldwide, according to ComScore. Google's mail service had 287.9 million unique visitors in October. In contrast, 286.2 million unique visitors checked Hotmail for their emails in the same month. Yahoo had 281.7 million unique users.

The Perks of Gmail Users: Top Three Reasons Why Gmail is World's Most Popular Email Service

From being an invitation-only service in 2004, Gmail had drawn a solid number of regular users. It was upgraded from beta status only in 2009. As of June 2012, Gmail has 425 million active users worldwide.

Here are three of the reasons why Gmail is a globally-chosen email service:

1. Storage.

One of the perks of being a Gmail user back in 2004 is having a 1GB mail storage. At the time, the standard storage per mail account was 2 to 4 MB. Today, the free storage linked to a Gmail account has gone up to 10GB.

2. Threaded Conversation View.

Gmail compiles exchange of messages with regular mail contacts. It organizes the inbox neatly, and older mails are easier to find this way. When using the mail's search function, the results also show in compilations, so mail histories are easy to access and revisit.

3. New Compose Feature

The email user experience is enhanced by a Gmail's new feature involving composition of a new mail. This new feature has just started rolling out this week. When you click on 'Compose' on the left sidebar, a smaller 'New Message' window will pop up on the lower right part of your Gmail screen. This compose on top of the inbox process allows users to quickly send new correspondences while reviewing the old one.

If you are on Google+ having a Gmail account will allow you to enjoy video conferences via Google Hangouts. Having a Gmail account sure has some perks, all right.

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