Global Warming Alert: Al Gore Said Climate Change Could Undo Gains at Tahoe [Photos/Videos]

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In 1997, Al Gore and President Bill Clinton convened the first Lake Tahoe Summit and since then great accomplishments have been there but all stands to be lost under the impacts of a warming climate. "We have to acknowledge that now is the time to renew our commitment ... to go the rest of the way," Gore told the audience attending the summit at Sand Harbor State Park. 

“You recognized it when the beauty and clarity and majesty of this lake was obviously and clearly threatened,” “When the threat is to communities all around the world, it’s harder to connect the dots. But the dots connect right back to Lake Tahoe. Because all the good that has been done and will continue to be done could be overturned unless we find a way to come together and deal with this problem of global warming.”

“Just as major progress has been accomplished on controversial societal issues such as civil rights and more recently, gay rights, so must the nation begin to seriously address the elephant in the room that is global warming” Gore said.

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Scientists have been warning about global warming for decades. It's already too late to stop it now, but we can lessen its severity and impacts. Al Gore's documentary 'An Inconvenient Truth'  has been credited for raising international public awareness of climate change and re-energizing the environmental movement.

Al Gore tweeted:

Great to be back in Tahoe for this year's Summit w/@SenatorReid. Proud of the progress made to protect this majestic lake. More is needed.- Al Gore (@algore) August 19, 2013 

Documentary "An Inconvenient Truth" has also been included in science syllabus in schools around the world, which has spurred some controversy. 

Premiering at the 2006 Sundance Film Festival and opening in New York City and Los Angeles on May 24, 2006, the documentary was a critical and box-office success, winning 2 Academy Awards for Best Documentary Feature and Best Original Song. The film grossed $24 million in the U.S. and $26 million in the foreign box office, becoming the 9th highest grossing documentary film to date in the United States.

The idea to document his efforts came from producer Laurie David who saw his presentation at a town-hall meeting on global warming which coincided with the opening of "The Day After Tomorrow." Laurie David was so inspired by Gore's slide show that she, with producer Lawrence Bender, met director Davis Guggenheim to adapt the presentation into a film.

Humble request to our readers to take first step on Sustainable development stride to stop global warming.

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