'Glee' Stars Lea Michele and Naya Rivera Had a Feud while Taping?

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Lea Michele and Naya Rivera are not in the most 'Glee-ful' disposition right now. According to a report by Perez Hilton, the two co-stars of the acclaimed musical show "Glee" had a feud while taping the drama. The feud, however, was not part of the script. The real life tension that happened between the Lea Michele and Naya Rivera allegedly stemmed from Lea Michele's diva antics.

Rumor has it Lea Michele was being a total diva during the taping of the series and Naya Rivera would just not have any of it.

A close source of Naya mentioned that most of her cast mates and crew were annoyed and pissed at the diva antics of Lea Michele. Being the straightforward gal that she is, Naya Rivera allegedly went straight to the producrs of the show to tell off her "Glee" co-stars disruptive behavior. Upon hearing the telling off, Lea Michele allegedly walked out of the set.

Sources close to Lea, however, claim that the two talented co-stars were not even taping scenes together, and that Lea Michele was completely unaware of the said tirades against her behavior. The close source even mentioned that it was Naya Rivera who was tossed off the set for her harsh and rude behavior.

Life might certainly be imitating art for the two hot "Glee" co-stars.

Others think that the rancid behavior of the two might actually stem from the personal demons the two are battling against. It can be remembered that Lea Michele's boyfriend, also her co-star in the well-acclaimed musical "Glee," Cory Monteith passed away due to drug abuse while Naya Rivera is now nursing a broken heart after her beau Big Sean cut off ties in their relationship.

Naya Rivera and fiancé Big Sean were supposed to walk down the aisle although the two halted their engagement due to unconfirmed news of infidelity on Big Sean's part.

How will the series continue when the two big stars of the show Lea Michele and Naya Rivera hate each other?

Fans hope that the two co-stars can get their act right as the release of the next episode of "Glee" is set to be on April 22.

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