'Glee' Star Lea Michele Turns 'Pop Star': Things to Know About Her New Album 'Louder'

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Lea Michele is not just a "Glee" star anymore as she released her new album "Louder." The new pop star is set to go all out during her "Louder Release Week."

On Monday, Mar. 3, Michele shared on her Twitter account @msleamichele that she was at a "Louder" album signing event held at Westfield Garden State Plaza Mall in Paramus, New Jersey. Just Jared caught up with the star and took a snapshot of Michele flashing a smile as she held her new album Louder.

On Tuesday, Mar. 4, Michele was at a Sony Store in Madison Ave., New York, and then at "The tonight Show" later on the same day.

On Wednesday, Mar. 5, Michele is promoting Louder at New York City, and another in Long Island. The Glee star is clearly busy with the promotion of her new album.

Here are some of the things to know about Lea Michele's new album "Louder":

#1 About love, relationships and loss

The Louder album was about love, relationships and loss. In an interview with MTV, Michele said that she tries her best to march forth and live life as best as she can.

"I also feel an incredible, happy responsibility to keep the memory and light of [Cory, who] was the most amazing person. I'm so happy to make it my journey now to continue on and live my life as best as I can," the Glee star/singer said.

Cory Monteith, Michele's boyfriend, died from losing his battle with drug addiction.

#2 An elephant eager for the charge

This was quite not good for a review. Michele's album Louder was rated two stars by New York Daily Times reviewer Jim Farber.

"Throughout the album, Michele doesn't so much sing as trumpet like an elephant eager for the charge. Her voice has more need than vulnerability, more anger than understanding," Farber stated.

Farber also stated that Michele's performance during her ballad "Burn with You," which is a song included in the album has the "fanaticism of a pyromaniac."

#3 Up for Louder World Tour

On the brighter side, Lea Michele announced on her Twitter account that she'll be having a world tour in summer 2014 to promote her new solo album.

#4 The Louder is Number 1 

According to a Twitter image shared by Michele, the Louder album has reached number 1 on the most downloaded albums on iTunes.

Lea Michele continues to prove that her boyfriend's death will not stop her from achieving her dreams. If anything, everything that has happened to the Glee star in the past has made her an even stronger woman. Watch out for Lea Michele as she conquers the world with the Louder World Tour this summer of 2014!

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