'Glee' Season 5 Spoilers: Violence, Gay Bashing and Burt-Kurt Moment [Listen to Songs on YouTube]

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"Glee" Season 5, Episode 15, titled "Bash," airs Tuesday, Apr. 15 on FOX. Rachel Berry, Amber Riley and Chris Colfer seem to be in the centre of this week's new episode. The show tackles violence and gay bashing again, but this time, the kids are in New York. Mike O'Malley returns as Kurt's dad Burt.

Spoiler alert: This feature contains more spoilers on Glee Season 5, Episode 15, aka Bash. Read at your own risk.

There are only six episodes left in Glee Season 5. Episode 20 is the show's season finale, which means this is the shortest season of the FOX series. Hypable surmises the reason for this shorter season is the hiatus that Glee took to grieve the death of Cory Monteith, the show's Finn Hudson.

Watch the Glee Season 5, Episode 15 promo on YouTube (follow this link) or scroll down to play the video. Listen to Glee's "Colour Blind" cover here.

Gleek fans should check out Wetpaint's spoiler photo on Glee Saeson 5x15. The image suggests a vigil for someone in New York. Wetpaint reported this vigil is for a character named Russ. It is not clear whether Russ dies a victim of fatal gay bashing. But Kurt gets injured in the midst of violence.

Kurt and Burt Hummel are expected to melt hearts again in this week's new episode of Glee. With the tragic theme in mind, "Colour Blind" is definitely one of the bigger songs this week. Amber Riley is also dishing a big number: "You Make Me Feel (Like A Natural Woman)."

It looks like Santana (Naya Rivera) and Brittany (Heather Morris) are still on their grand vacation. But the Brittana shippers should relax. Naya Rivera keeps fans updated on Twitter. For one, Santana is going blonde! See Naya Rivera's tweet here.

Still coming up on Glee Season 5, Naya Rivera and Amber Riley filmed something fans would appreciate. See Naya's other tweet here.

Glee Season 6 is a sure thing, as it has been officially confirmed by FOX. However, it remains possible that there will be less episodes in the comedy's final season. This of course depends on the ratings in the next five weeks.

WATCH: Glee Season 5, Episode 15 - Kids in New York Come Together for Kurt (FOX Promo Clip on YouTube)

Glee Season 5 airs on FOX every Tuesday. The next new episode, titled "Tested," airs on Apr. 15.

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