'Glee' Season 5 Spoilers: Santana vs Rachel 'Til Finale? Episode 10 'Trio' Songs and Highlights [Watch Promo Video]

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"Glee" Season 5 spoilers have been hinting big changes in the second half of the Fox comedy-variety series. Episode 9 ("Frenemies") which aired on Feb. 25, kicked off some of these changes. Santana Lopez (Naya Rivera) and Rachel Berry (Lea Michele) get mean and violent in an explosive outburst of long-held resentments. Some gleek fans believe this war could go on until the season finale. Next week, what are the featured songs in Episode 10 ("Trio")?

Spoiler alert: This feature contains spoilers on Glee Season 5, Episodes 9 and 10. Read at your own risk.

McKinley High has named its valedictorian. Kurt (Chris Colfer) manages his frenemy. Santana auditions to be Rachel's understudy in "Funny Girl," her first Broadway musical. There are three friendly rivalries in Glee Season 5, Episode 9. But only one involved a solid b**chslap.

Blaine Anderson (Darren Criss) inadvertently beats Artie (Kevin McHale) and Tina (Jenna Ushkowitz) as the school valedictorian. But he is certainly sharing the honors with them on graduation day. The Glee Season 5 graduation episode is highly anticipated by fans of the show.

Kurt and Adam Lambert's Elliott have become friends for real after the latter made it clear that he's not out to steal Pamela Lansbury from Kurt. Their "I Believe In A Thing Called Love" (The Darkness) cover was spiced up with a pole dance number that delighted fans.

"Adam was like, the stripper pole is all you, you have fun with that, and I did!" Colfer told MTV.

Frenemies Artie and Tina rediscovered how they cherished each other. Kurt and Elliott sealed their new friendship with a kiss (upsetting Blaine, of course). But Santana and Rachel reached another level in their rivalry. Rachel b**chslapped Santana when she got her mean on. Later, Rachel said they were never friends at all.

Santana singing "Don't Rain On My Parade" is one of the, if not the ultimate highlight of Glee Season 5, Episode 9. Rachel's insecurities shot up to the surface, and understandably so. Naya Rivera is a gorgeous performer. Fans are hoping to see Santana on Broadway. Perhaps there will be no peace between the two New Directions alum until (or even after) the Season 5 finale.

Glee Season 5, Episode 10, titled "Trio" will bring back Demi Lovato as Dani. This could be the last appearance by the former X Factor judge, who wants to focus on her music now.

Here are the songs that will be covered in Glee 5x10, according to a Hypable spoiler report: The Supremes' "The Happening" (Kurt, Dani and Elliott of Pamela Lansbury), Loggins and Messina's "Danny's Song" (Will and Emma), Destiny's Child's "Jumpin' Jumpin'" (Tina, Sam and Blaine), Heart's "Barracuda" (Rachel & Elliott), and Laura Branigan's "Gloria" (Rachel, Santana and Elliott).

Who will be Rachel's new roommate - could it be Elliott?

Following Glee Season 5, Episode 10 is the "Nationals" episode, titled, "City of Angels." The New Directions is headed to Los Angeles. But something big will happen to Will (Matthew Morrison) and Emma (Jayma Mays) first. This will be shown in Episode 10.

Watch: Glee Season 5, Episode 10 (FOX Promo Video on YouTube)

Glee Season 5, Episode 10 ("Trio") airs on March 4 on FOX. American Idol Adam Lambert guest stars again, and he has funny scenes with Rachel and Santana.

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