Glee Season 4 Spoilers: Cast Spills on New York, Army, Fashion

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Glee Season 4 will be rich in major changes. Several spoilers have been served so far, but fans still can't get enough of what-to-expect now that the lead characters are done with high school.

Now there are more fresh Glee spoilers concerning New York, army and fashion.  If you would rather be surprised, this is the time to stop reading.

Fox Entertainment president Kevin Reilly had earlier hinted to entertainment reporters that his hopes are high for Glee's next season.

"I think Glee's poised for a real creative renaissance this year," Reilly told the media.

Reacting to Reilly's statement, Glee creator Ryan Murphy highlighted the things that he knew Reilly was looking for in Glee.

"Kevin wants a Glee that's about Top 40, pop culture, big stars," Murphy said.

The latest scoop is consistent with Reilly's and Murphy's earlier statements. Fans already know Kate Hudson and Sarah Jessica Parker would grace the teen dramedy show choir series, but what roles will they play? The cast answers.

Rachel meets dance coach from hell?

In an interview with TV Fanatic, Lea Michele (Rachel) hints her character will be challenged by a dance teacher. Spot taken by Kate Hudson?

"Dance is not Rachel's strong point, but as a freshman it's a requirement class she has to take... It will put Rachel in a very vulnerable place, stuck with a teacher who doesn't make it easy for her."

The Almost Famous groupie as a terror dance coach? Who wouldn't want to see that?

Finn beefs up

Meanwhile, Rachel's ex-fiancee will indeed attend the Army. Cory Monteith shares how he is preparing for his big chapter in his character's journey.

"Finn would have to be in very good shape and get incredibly fit, meaning I would have to be incredibly fit. I'm doing extra stuff this summer - CrossFit and fewer Snickers bars," Monteith says.

Kurt and SJP: Kinda SATC with Jennifer Hudson?

As for Chris Colfer (Kurt), he reveals that Kurt will still wind up in New York City and Sarah Jessica Parker will be Kurt's "manager of sorts." He carefully notes, "but not in a performance sense." Remember that Sex and the City movie with Jennifer Hudson as SJP's assistant? Will Kurt be seen in that kind of role?

Perez Hilton reports Kurt is going into fashion. It seems Kurt and SJP will revolutionize Rachel Berry's wardrobe. Exciting!

"Lea's a hot girl, (but) Rachel could lose the baby doll dresses," Colfer was quoted as saying.

Fall is still so far away, but fresh edition spoilers make all the waiting a little easier.

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