Glee Season 4 Episode 8, Thanksgiving Reunion: Quinn Fabray Sings ‘Home,’ Faces Mini-Me Kitty [PHOTOS]

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Glee Season 4 is celebrating Thanksgiving a week late. But Gleeks are thankful for at least one thing: Quinn Fabray is finally coming home to Lima. What does the original mean girl has in store for the New Directioners?

From the promo photos released by Fox, Quinn is seen performing at the Glee Club classroom. She is also seen on stage at the auditorium with Finn and Puckerman. They will be singing a mash-up of "Homeward Bound" and "Home." Mercedes, Mike and Santana will join the high school triangle.

(It is believed Rachel and Kurt are back in New York and won't be coming back to Ohio for a while.)

It looks like Dianna Agron will more than make up for not appearing on the first seven episodes of Glee Season 4. She has been sorely missed. More important, she will finally meet her own mini-me. Fingers crossed, Quinn might give Kitty a piece of her mind.

In an interesting still shot, Quinn seems to be calmly lecturing Kitty. After showing some signs of growing up (helping Puck graduate, making amends with Rachel) in the Season 3 finale, it is not likely for Quinn to give Kitty some how-to-be-meaner tips. Their encounter is something to look forward to.

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Glee's Thanksgiving episode will remind fans why they started following the show choir series. Seeing Quinn, Mercedes, Puck and Finn on stage is enough to spark an overload of a more fun time, i.e. when there were no lukewarm newbies in the show.

The thing with Marley, Jake, and the rest of the newbies is that they are being given so much unjustified exposure. Marley is unbelievably weak - you confront Jake for dating Kitty, yet you let the same mean girl lead you to bulimia? Jake annoyingly lacks character. There is nothing in what he does that is characteristically Jake. Ryder is a bit promising - he's pretty consistent. He knows what he wants and he stands up for himself. But setting the dyslexia aside, where's the quirkiness? Where's the fun?

Perhaps the 'Thanksgiving' episode could remind everyone of what has been missing in this show for about one-thirds of the season now.

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