Glee Season 4 Episode 6 Recap: 'Glease,' Sleepover, and Home

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Glee Season 4 goes 'Glease' this week, with many Lima High School graduates returning to put together New Directions' version of the classic musical "Grease."

Leading the show choir is Finn, who will play Mr Schuester for a few months, until he's back from Washington D.C.

Finn last week managed to entice Ryder Lynn to audition for Danny opposite Marley as Sandy. This new love team drives the young Puckerman nuts. And the crazier Jake gets, the deeper Kitty plunges to madness.

Kitty somehow got Marley to try the course of bulimia to make sure she does not become obese like her mother. Ryder saves the gullible girl and sets her path straight by talking about throwing up, oral hygiene, and kissing in one twisted spiel.

Quinn has got to return to Lima soon and give this Kitty a piece of her mind.

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Meanwhile, Finn deals with Sue's non-ebbing wrath over his inappropriate r-baby comment the previous week. But he's determined to fill in his mentor's shoes as he leaves for Washington to make it to the "Blue Ribbon Panel" on arts education.

In New York City, Kurt convinces Rachel to visit their alma mater to show support for their exes. Once they are back in their high school campus, however, they realize the place is not home to them anymore.

As for the exes, Kurt realizes he could not trust Blaine again. Then Rachel finds out that "back home," her tormented dance teacher Cassandra July has successfully seduced her new love Brody.

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Glee Season 4 'Glease' reviews on Twitter

Here are some Gleeky shout outs on Twitter from those who have seen the latest episode of Glee. One of the tweeters is Abraham Lim, an alumnus of The Glee Project.

Marley and Ryder have some chemistry. Oh, hello periodic table. #Glee - Abraham Lim ‏@realabrahamlim

Oh little cheerleader girl, you are so mean - #Fatgene #GLEE - Caroline Manzo ‏@CarolineManzo

All I got from tonight's #glee episode was: "I don't trust you anymore." and "This isn't home anymore." I'm broken. <3 - @TheKlaineShow

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