Glastonbury 2013: The Rolling Stones Wow Music Critics; TV Viewers Disappointed


The Rolling Stone's long-awaited performance at Glastonbury music festival on Saturday wowed music critics and crowd.

The world's greatest rock & roll band's set lasted two hours and 12 minutes and played 20 songs in front of more than 100,000-strong audience.

"They finally did it, and it was fantastic. My God, did they deliver," festival organizer Michael Eavis said.

The Independent wrote: "The Rolling Stones prove you can always get what you want...Glastonbury 2013 has been, and will be, defined as the year that the Stones finally, finally made it to [festival location] Worthy Farm. Everywhere you look on site a pair of the band's famous lips stares out from a T-shirt -- usually being worn by someone barely old enough to remember Bridges to Babylon."

The Telegraph described that The Rolling Stones "blew the stage apart" and that their performance was "one of the greatest rock and roll sets that Glastonbury has ever seen."

While critics who attended the festival raved about the veteran rock band's performance, fans who watched on television had mixed reactions.

Many expressed their disappointment on Twitter and flooded suggestions that the band looked too old to perform.

"Are all the rolling stones wearing orthopaedic footwear?" Labour MP Stella Creasy said. "they're wearing VERY BIG trainers...on VERY THIN legs...," she added.

Another fan, Clifton Wien, tweeted "A lot of millenials at #Glastonbury to hear the Rolling Stones. Imagine 20-somethings in 1965 waiting to hear a band that was big in 1917."

The Telegraph's Neil McCormick defended the band's performance and wrote, "I was slightly stunned to find people who had stayed home to tune into BBC's Glastonbury coverage from the comfort of their sofas were casting aspersions on a storming headline set by The Rolling Stones.

"The whole point of live music is that you have to be there. No one at Glastonbury was complaining about the Stones poor televisual skills. We were too busy playing our part in the greatest show on earth."

BBC Two had a live telecast of the historic Glastonbury set, which garnered 2.5 million audience according to their official figures. The band's next performances after Glastonbury will be at Hyde Park, London on July 6 and 13 for the last dates of their 50th anniversary tour.  

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