Giuliana & Bill Rancic's Surrogate Suffers a Miscarriage for Baby no. 2

The Same surrogate carried the couple's first child, 2-year old Duke.
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E! News and reality TV Stars Giuliana Rancic and husband Bill have suffered yet another setback in their attempt to build a bigger family. The couple have been trying to have baby no. 2 through surrogacy and it's been reported that the surrogate mother has suffered a miscarriage. She was nine weeks pregnant at the time.

The couple already have a 2 year old son, Duke who was carried by the same surrogate. Giuliana and Bill opted to go the surrogate route after repeated attempts at a natural conception and IVF procedures resulted in nothing.

Before the birth of their son, Giuliana was diagnosed with breast cancer which was pinpointed by her doctor as one reason why her body was rejecting the embryo as it was battling against the disease. She has since been treated for the cancer. After she has sufficiently recovered the couple decided to try to have a baby through surrogacy.

The entire process from their struggles to conceive along with her cancer scare and finally the birth of baby Duke was documented in their reality show "Giuliana & Bill." This latest setback was featured on the final episode of the latest season of their show as well which aired on June 3 in E!.

The couple, despite being devastated by the news themselves, showed concern about the surrogate mother's health and made it clear that they did not blame her for what happened.

"This is something that is so common ... it happened to me. We wanted her to feel okay with it. She's good with it, she's also processed it [and] we're all moving forward," said Giuliana in an interview with Mario Lopez for Extra!

The couple have been married since 2007 and are keen on expanding their family but are not rushing the process. They have only one embryo left from the ones they had frozen before Giuliana underwent cancer treatment. She is continuing treatment and is therefore not able to carry a child herself.

"We had to take a break, it's just a lot to digest and we're just trying to figure it out now that a little time has passed. We're trying to figure out when is a good time to start again ... We're not gonna pressure [our surrogate] in any way, but she says she's on board," Giuliana concluded.

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