‘Girls’ 2014 Update: Taylor Swift Might Just Be the Fifth Girl; Lena Dunham is Close to Sealing a Deal

By @Ze_Charm on

Do you want to see Taylor Swift grace the hit comedy series "Girls?" Some reports have been circulating about the planned guest starring of the "I Knew You Were Trouble" chanteuse. The Grammy-nominated singer is said to be an avid fan of the Golden-Globe award winning sitcom and is also reported to be good friends with the creator of the show, Lena Dunham.

Although the guest appearance is certainly being negotiated about by Taylor Swift's camp and that of the producers of the hit series "Girls", Dunham is adamant in making the guest starring a more substantial and permanent role.

"Lena's been trying to persuade Taylor to appear in Girls for ages. Taylor loves the show and has agreed to a cameo," an insider mentioned to the British magazine Graizia as reported by the Sydney Morning Herald. "Lena would also love her to take on a more permanent role and to pen some music for the show." The insider further gushed to the British magazine.

Alison Williams, a staple in the hit sitcom "Girls" who plays the character of uptight woman Marnie Michaels, often displays her prowess in singing, so any new music from Taylor Swift will not be out of placed. Taylor can still do what she does best even if she does snag the permanent role in the sitcom.

Taylor Swift, however, is not the only star to be courted by Lena Dunham to appear on her show. Cara Delevigne is also in the talks to appear on the sitcom.

"Taylor told Lena that Cara is a huge fan of "Girls." Lena immediately agreed because Cara is her girl crush. She has been in touch with Cara's people already to discuss the idea." Gossip column Perez Hilton reported.

The sitcom is sure to go on grander scales if they feature both supermodel hottie Cara Delevigne and Grammy-nominated Taylor Swift. Other stars that will appear in the new season include Irish funnyman Chris O'Dowd and Jenna Lyons. Victoria Beckham was previously reported to guest on the show although Dunham has since rubbished the rumors claiming that Beckham was "too chic" for the series.

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