Girl Performs 'Sex Acts on 24 Men' for Free Drinks in Spain

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A two-and-half minute video of a British girl performing sexual acts on 24 men for free drinks in Magaluf, Spain has sparked social media outrage and probing from local authorities.

The video, recorded in a mobile phone, showed a girl with blonde hair getting down on 24 men, one after another, as the men stand on a dance floor. The person behind the filming, together with the crowd, was cheering for the girl to continue.

After her "performance," the girl was awarded a bottle of Cava that can be bought for less than 3 euros or approximately AU$4.

Such performance, locally called as "mamading," is very famous/infamous in Magaluf.

Magaluf is Spain's major holiday resort in the island of Majorca. The term comes from the Spanish slang "Mamada," which means to perform a sexual act.

Netizens and tourists across media channel condemned the girl for going that low for a free drink, The Mirror reported.

"The video of that girl in Magaluf is sooo ridiculous. No morals whatsoever," a tourist posted on Facebook.

"That video of the girl in Magaluf is just disgraceful.. Lost faith in humanity for today," another commented.

"Disgraced by the girl in Magaluf and her antics with 24 men for a free drink! Morals and self respect should be taught from a young age," one tourist said via Twitter.

"Mamadings" are organized by bars in the island to lure tourists, especially during the summer season.

But one event organizer told The Mirror that the incident had shocked the entire island.

"I've been here for 15 years and never seen anything like that. Even for Magaluf it's particularly OTT," the organizer said.

Police investigation of the bars in the island has now been ordered by local Mayor Manuel Onieva who "completely rejects" "mamading."

Magaluf has reputation for binge drinking and had been in the news for several times. The island was the subject of the documentary from BBC 3 titled, "The Truth About Magaluf."

Documenter Stacey Dooley posed as one of the Spanish workers in one of the bars in the island.

The documentary unveiled that sexually explicit drinking games played by tourists were normal.

Dooley discovered that violent fights and rape were escalating in an alarming rate. Sex workers reportedly rob young British tourists.

At the time of the documentary, deaths were on record high due to a craze called "balconing," where people jump from hotel balconies into the pool. Dooley met a worker traumatized after seeing a girl died after jumping from the hotel balcony.

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