Girl on Girl Action: Katy Perry Gropes Anna Kendrick...Again!

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History really repeats least when Katy Perry groped Anna Kendrick's right boob in a picture the two shared at the Mercedez-Benz Fashion week. The pair stared happily back at the camera as Perry was seen cupping the right boob of the "Pitch Perfect" star. Kendrick grinned widely as Perry invaded her personal space by groping her.

The photo which was posted on Kendrick's Twitter account was an addition to the seemingly frequent girl-on-girl action of the two. During the Grammy awards, the "Roar" singer apparently groped Kendrick's cleavage, as the star was sporting a rather revealing gown. The "Pitch Perfect" star posted on her Twitter the following: "Katy Perry finger banged my cleavage" and "It was a weird night...She's very mature!"

Guess the 5'2" beauty is  pretty cool about being groped by the famous pop star. Kendrick even gushed about the encounter in an interview with Conan O'Brien, saying that the "Roar" singer got touchy-feely during the awards night.

Kendrick, being a good sport, even joked about the encounters on her Twitter, saying that "I was kind of asking for it. If nobody had done it I would've been a little sad." The actress' Azarro frock was definitely screaming for attention, as her well-endowed assets tried to fit themselves in the tight Azarro gown.

Meanwhile, Kendrick is busy hanging out with more laidback singer Solange Knowles, sister of the phenomenal Beyonce. The duo was spotted entranced at the Milly by Michelle Smith runway show.

Katy Perry, on the other hand, is busy doting her famous boyfriend, John Mayer. The two allegedly went to a stripper's club where Perry was said to have spent 'thousands of dollars' for numerous private dances of the strippers. Could it be the Perry was trying to satisfy Mayer by acting a little less controlling? We're not sure; one thing is for sure, however-that is, Perry is not afraid to show some girl-on-girl action. It is reported that the busty songstress personally picked the girls to give her lap dances at the night club.

What do you think about Perry Groping Anna Kendrick? Guess we'd just have to wait for another tweet pic from the duo.  

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