Is Giovanna Plowman's Tampon Video Fake? Real Blood or Tomato Sauce? [PHOTOS]


Many are reacting that the gross video, Giovanna Plowman posted is fabricated. Did she really "eat her own tampon" or did she dip the feminine hygiene device in tomato sauce?

15-year-old Giovanna Plowman made internet fame when she posted a video of herself pulling out and sucking on her own tampon. The teen from Buffalo apparently did the graphic video on a dare, even making a few celebrities angry with her stunts.

While the whole world seems to be grossed out on Plowman's shenanigans, there are reports that say that the girl fabricated the act and made it seem like she ate her tampon for real. Some suggest that the red substance on her tampon could be tomato sauce or even ketchup.

Though "fake" might be the case, it did not stop the viewers from "cringing" after watching Plowman's video. In fact, the teen received many hateful comments from internet users all over the world, and instead of addressing the reactions, she faked a suicide online.

It is already discussed that Plowman might need professional help psychologically. She clearly exhibits symptoms of Histrionic Personality Disorder with her lurid acts as cry for attention and acceptance. Also signaling that she truly needs help is her reaction to the fame caused by another internet "gross" queen, Alyssa Robles, who had sex with her own dog.

"Who is this bitch who got f*cked by a dog and sucked its d*ck? Trying to out do me sweetie? Dont think so your ratchet as f*ck and thats animal cruelty. What i did was gross yea but you just took sh*t to a whole new level!" writes Plowman in her Facebook account.

It seems that "grossing out" people is her main concern to propel herself to fame, and any psychiatrist will say that there is something wrong with Giovanna.

What do you think? Did Giovanna post a real video or is it fake?

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