Giovanna Plowman Twitter Quotes: Tampon Girl's 'Words to Live By' and Chris Brown Shout Out

Tampon Girl vs Chris Brown: 'I'm scared'

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Giovanna Plowman's Twitter account is followed by over 156,000 users. It is not clear whether these are all unique users, but it is clear Plowman wants to enjoy her fame with them. To Plowman, she has fans and she is more relevant than other celebrities. One thing is clear in the infamous Plowman's tampon-sucking state of mind: the more haters you have, the more "words to live by" you need to shout out.

Tampon Girl vs Chris Brown: 'I'm scared'

Plowman, who sucked on her own tampon out of a dare, has recently tweeted Chris Brown. The social media celebrity told Rihanna's on-again-off-again beau (unedited): i'll go to one of ur concert. but believe me, i'll be protected, incase you ever beat me. im scared :(

Giovanna Plowman Twitter Quotes: Tampon Girl’s ‘Words to Live By’ (Image: Twitter)

Giovanna Plowman Twitter Quotes

Here are nine more tweets from Tampon Girl all served in less than 48 hours. The shout-outs appear as is:

#PeopleAreQuickTo forget their fans but i never will.

All this hate because I shine without trying -shrugs-

Most guys are mad because they want a piece of this sexiness and they can't get it.

Most celebrities hate me because I'm more famous than they are.

Everyone says i'm fat. I sure am; Fabulous Adorable Talented = FAT :)

I feel like the song "I'm sexy and I know it was written about me..."

I should have a tampon commercial for the superbowl but i don't ;(

Most girls are so jealous of me because their boyfriend thinks i'm hot.

I'm hungry. Ice cream or tampons?

Plowman recently tweeted a statistics report for her Twitter account in a bid to establish that her fame is still intact. The teen also teamed up with Dino Bruscia, another infamous social network member, who ate his poop with ice cream. Plowman and Bruscia are "married" on Facebook.

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