Ginia Rinehart Checks Citizenship of Eldest Sister Bianca Who Is Being Considered Trustee of Family Billions; Mum Gina Misses Wedding of Son John

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Australia's richest family, the Rineharts, continue to be divided by their feud over the family billions of dollars wealth.

Over the weekend, Judge Paul Brereton granted Ginia Rinehart, the youngest child of Australia's richest person, Gina Rinehart, access to the immigration records of her elder sister, Bianca, to check if she is still an Australian resident. The record-check is part of the proposal to make Bianca a trustee in the family foundation established by the patriarch, as replacement for her mum whom three of her estranged adult children proposed to be removed.

Bianca and brother John Hancock opposed the move, arguing it is an abuse of process, but the judge favoured Ginia's motion since the information is relevant to her nomination of the family trust which is worth about $5 billion.

Brereton said that while Bianca stated in an affidavit that she is a resident of New South Wales, it is not conclusive to address the question of her residency.

The original lawsuit stemmed from Gina changing the vesting date of the trust which would have granted her four children access to the money, prompting Bianca, John and Hope Welker to petition the court to remove their mum as head of the family trust. Gina initially battled the lawsuit but later agreed to step down to bring peace to Australia's richest family.

John nominated Bianca and her husband, whom Ginia both rejected.

Meanwhile, Gina was noticeably absent on the wedding of John to partner Gemma Ludgate with whom he has two daughters, aged seven and four. John actually asked Gemma to marry him eight years ago.

During the wedding, Gemma wore a white gown made by Aurelio Costarella and a strand of pearls, while John had a khaki drill pants, white shirt and RM Willams boots.

In what appears to be a thawing of the icy relationship between mother and son, John was quoted by The Sydney Morning Herald as saying, "My relationship with my mum is complex but I thank her for helping me become the man I am today."

He told Woman's Day, with whom John inked a deal to publish the wedding photos on Monday, that his mum influenced his choice of the wedding at Oxer Lookout in Hancock Gorge, located 1,400 kilometres north-east of Perth. John disclosed that Oxer Lookout was a favourite spot of Gina and his grandfather Lang Hancock.

By holding his wedding at the place, he wanted to show its beauty to the couple's friends. The wedding was not a lavish affair expected from a billionaire's only son since it only had 50 guests, including Bianca who was the only Rinehart family member present.  The savings from the simple wedding, John donated to the Royal Flying Doctor Service where he is a board member.

Her mum and other sisters were also absent, or perhaps uninvited, when Bianca married in 2013 in Hawaii. 

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