Gigantic Waves Slam UK Coast, MET Office Issues Severe Flood Warnings (VIDEO)

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A man jogs past waves crashing against the seawall
A man jogs past waves crashing against the seawall around high tide during a winter nor'easter snowstorm in Lynn, Massachusetts January 2, 2014. REUTERS Reuters

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Britain is expected to experience more flooding as gigantic waves slam the west coast. Residents are advised to prepare and brace for the coming Winter Storm Hercules. The storm system caused a record-breaking freezing temperature in the United States.

Waves as high as 27 feet or 8,2 metres have been recorded at Land's End. Various reports and weather forecasts claimed that professional "big wave chasers" were tracking the movement of Storm Hercules across the Atlantic Ocean.

Met Office chief forecaster warned of a large and deep depression which creates big waves out to sea as a low pressure system continues to move in towards the northeast direction across the Atlantic.

MET Office spokesperson Nicola Maxey confirmed that the UK is experiencing the same storm system in the U.S. which led to extreme weather conditions in the last few days. As the storm continues to move across the ocean, Ms Maxey said it has taken on water and heat.

Flood warnings across England and Wales

Weather forecasts had previously indicated the storm to pass west of Scotland. This prompted the MET Office to issue "severe flood warnings" for rain and 70 mph winds along the coast. Weather experts have warned that Britain will experience the worst series of storms since over 20 years ago. Residents in Westcountry were advised to brace for monster waves and more flooding.

The MET Office has issued 96 flood warnings across England and Wales. Authorities are also urging people to take necessary precaution as at least 244 areas remain on alert for floods. Coastal areas across Cornwall and Devon have a high risk of flooding due to a combination of extreme high tides combined with the storm's arrival.

MeteoGroup forecaster Matt Dobson remarked that the rain has nowhere to go since the ground has become saturated from weeks of severe weather. Rivers have also swelled to the point of overflowing.

Transport networks in Britain were disrupted as commuters flock to go back to work after the holidays. Most of the UK experienced heavy rain on the night of Jan 6. The Environment Agency has declared flooding was expected in nearly every region of England and Wales.

People returning to work were warned of risk to transport services in Devon, Cornwall, Dorset, Somerset and Wiltshire, according to First Great Western. BBC News reported that South West Trains services between Fulwell in southwest London and Shepperton in Surrey were not operational because of floods.

The Environment Agency has estimated that floods have reached 220 properties along coastal areas. The series of winter storms has claimed three lives based on local reports.

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