Gigantic Tablets ASUS Transformer AIO and Lenovo Horizon Tablet: Reasons to Buy and What Can It Do For You? [Videos]

Gigantic Tablets ASUS Transformer AIO and Lenovo Horizon Tablet: Reasons to Buy and What Can It Do For You? [Videos]

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Tablet PCs are replacing laptops in exchange for portability and price. The usual tablet sizes are from 7 inches to 10 inches, running Android or iOS systems. But what will you do if you see a tablet with 18.4-inch or 27-inch display screen? Should it join you for tonight's dinner?

ASUS Transformer AiO P1801 is an All-in-One PC that transforms into a tablet featuring 18.4n inches of screen display and dual operating system. Lenovo Horizon Tablet PC has an insane 27-inch display with Dolby Home Theatre support and gaming accessories such as E-dice and joystick.

1. Operating System The ASUS Transformer AiO's main advantage is the dual function with Windows 8 and Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. The 18-inch device can access both Windows Store and Google Play applications.

The Lenovo Horizon solely runs Windows 8 but features an enormous screen size which can make you toss your old TV screen to the storage room.

2. PC and Tablet Functionality Both these giant tablets can perform tasks similar to what PCs can do such as typing, browsing, multimedia, Emailing, editing and many more. Keyboards and mouse are also usable in case touch control is tiring.

For gaming, ASUS and Lenovo made these devices capable of running almost anything Windows 8 and Android can offer, with Intel Core i3 and Nvidia Tegra 3 chipsets from ASUS and Intel Core i7 plus Nvidia GeForce from Lenovo.

3. Versatility and Forms ASUS Transformer has three ergonomic design modes: Zero degrees as remote, 35 degrees desktop mode and 100 degrees as an Android tablet. The versatile factor this device has is the ability to run both Windows 8 and Android OS by simply pulling a switch. Using a second monitor, one person can use Windows 8 in desktop mode while another can access the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean in standalone mode.

Lenovo can be folded from 90 degrees to zero degrees depending on the comfort level desired. But this device focuses on gaming and multimedia. Using an E-dice or joystick, gamers will not only have a big screen but also intense interaction to the game. With so much size, you can lay this one down like a table.

4. Cost and Warranty The larger the screen, the more expensive a tablet PC is and both these giant tablets can slash your funds instantly.

The ASUS Transformer AiO starts from $1,299, covering one year warranty and can be extended up to three years with additional costs.

The Lenovo Horizon Tablet PC costs $1,699 which comes with one year warranty and offers extension for additional price.

Both the two giant tablets are expensive compared to iMac starting at $1,299 with 21.5 display screen, but you cannot carry the iOS computer anywhere inside your house or lay it down to play some hockey on the screen. So if you want maximum versatility of a PC, tablet, HDTV, gaming hub and home theatre, giant tablets are right the choices.

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