Gideon Cross Readers ‘Cheat’ on Christian Grey, Cast Ian Somerhalder, Henry Cavill [PHOTOS]


Gideon Cross continues to gain popularity among fans of Christian Grey of the "Fifty Shades of Grey" fame.

The "Crossfire" series hero shares the same gorgeous billionaire, sex demigod qualities as Grey. This is why same actors are being imagined for the potential film role. Ian Somerhalder and Henry Cavill are two of the most popular fan choices on Tumblr.

Gideon Cross Readers ‘Cheat’ on Christian Grey, Cast Ian Somerhalder, Henry Cavill (Image: Tumbr screen grab)

Both Cavill (Immortals, Man of Steel) and Somerhalder (Vampire Diaries) are likewise popularly pegged as Christian Grey. Cavill has earlier hinted to a magazine he is not closing his doors, just in case. Somerhalder, meanwhile, has been openly interested in the role. Talking to TMZ in a recent event, he was quoted saying, "You never know" as a response to playing Mr Grey. 

Fifty Shades vs Crossfire: Which erotic fiction is better?

The erotic Crossfire saga by Sylvia Day has yet to match the sales of E.L. James' steamy Fifty Shades. No film rights have been signed yet, but the third book of the Cross series, "Entwined with You" hasn't been released, too.  USA Today's bestsellers feature James' series at sixth, seventh, and eighth spots. Trailing behind at 37th place is the still emerging "Bared to You," the first book in the Crossfire series. The sales figures clearly favor E.L. James, though critics generally laud Day for better prose and style.

Fans Cheat on Christian Grey with Gideon Cross

Based on Tumblr posts alone, it is still possible for Gideon Cross to gain more fame. His love interest, Eva Trammel, could also be as popular as Grey's Anastasia Steele, eventually.

Like Christian Grey (CG), Gideon Cross (GC) is well under 30s at the beginning of the erotic series. Both men struggle over dark issues in their young lives. Both are gorgeous in physique, and both claim to be non-romantic types but are drawn to a lovely young woman with issues of her own. The similarities have been obvious to many readers, but Day claimed her work is original.           

Some readers don't mind that Grey and Cross co-exist in their fantasy universe. And a lot of them cast the same actors, even as Crossfire has yet to grant film rights to a production outfit.

Scroll up to view some of Gideon Cross memes on Tumblr. It is only a matter of time before the Fifty Shades movie names its cast. After that, more fans are expected to work on an updated Cross shortlist.

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