Gideon Cross Gets Rougher, Sexier in 'Entwined with You,' Amber Heard is Eva Trammel in YouTube Video [WATCH]

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Gideon Cross becomes a rougher, even more intense lover in "Entwined with You," the third book in the erotic series by Sylvia Day. Meanwhile, a Cross fan pulls together some Amber Heard clips to dream cast the actress as Eva Trammel.

"Gideon was an untamed animal behind closed doors," writes Sylvia Day in "Entwined with You." The Crossfire series is often compared to "Fifty Shades of Grey." Day is widely considered to be much better in erotic prose, but E.L. James gets a thumbs-up for being the first to popularize the genre.

Gideon Cross and Eva Trammel casting announcements are expected soon. The release of the third book is warming up the fans to a visual version of Day's Crossfire series.

 "Lionsgate-home of the Twilight saga, Hunger Games trilogy, and episodic programming including Mad Men and Nurse Jackie-has optioned the rights and the property is in the early stages of development," reads the announcement on Sylvia Day's web site. Entertainment updates note the option is inclined towards a steamy TV series.

That Gideon Cross would come alive in a TV series instead of a movie is a bit of sad news to many fans. One, Henry Cavill, a fan favourite for the role, is not likely to take a TV job now that he's Superman, Man of Steel 2013. Two, David Gandy, another fan favourite, is very busy in his modelling job to squeeze in TV filming between his flight schedules. He recently said in a Telegraph interview he is on "85 to 90 flights a year."

Gideon Cross casting could fall in the hands of a real amateur in the biz, a newcomer, perhaps an emerging model. Fans can only hope for the best.

Would Amber Heard take the role of Eva Trammel opposite Gideon Cross? Scroll down to watch a fan-made video "starring" Heard as Gideon-obsessed Eva.

VIDEO: 'Entwined With You' Steals the Men from a Big Game

VIDEO: Amber Heard as Gideon Cross-obsessed Eva Trammel?

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