Giant UFO Looked Like 'Star Wars' Ship: Illinois Witness

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According to the Open Minds and Mutual UFO Network witness reporting database, a witness said that on Aug 23, he saw a "giant ship" with a glow move overhead in Waltonville, Jefferson County in Illinois. 

The witness was out fishing with his friends when he noticed the object at a very high altitude. He stated that the object had to be around a half mile long, if not longer, and that the glow wasn't bright but just slight. He was reminded of ships depicted in Hollywood films like that in the Star Wars movie. 

He continued that he had seen a lot of things in the sky during the night, but this object was something he'd never seen before.

On Aug 25, the witness submitted an illustration along with his statement. He described the picture as just a basic outline that he made in Paint and that he was unsure of how tall the object was and that the image that he provided was just of the bottom of the object.

While describing the object's movement, he said that it was flying in a straight path moving towards the north from where he was and it flew out of visual range.

The Illinois branch of MUFON is investigating.

UFO Alert Rating System has 5 levels ranging from 1 to 4 with states who report more than 150 UFO sightings have the rating Alert 1, those which have 100 or more Alert 2, 25 reports and more Alert 3, 13 or more Alert 4 and states with less than that an Alert 5. 

Illinois has a UFO Alert Rating much higher than the average number of recent reports nationally with the rating being 4 as Illinois had 22 UFO reports in July 2014 which is the 12th highest. California had the highest number of reports at 104 with Alert 2 along with ther states like Texas, Michigan, Ohio, Florida, Pennsylvania and Washington which have either an Alert 2 or 3 based on the reports of July.  In total, California had 104 cases in July, 102 in May, 80 in April, 103 in March, 59 in February and 102 in January.

Other states apart from Illinois with Alert 4 rating are Missouri, Colorado, New Jersey, Kentucky, Georgia, Indiana, Oregon, Arizona, Virginia, South Carolina, Alabama and Tennessee.

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