Ghostbusters 3: Dan Aykroyd Suggests Money Problems Stalling the Movie

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Dan Aykroyd, the star actor who may be one of the lead cast in the movie "Ghostbusters" 3, has suggested that the movie is getting stalled pending a decision by Sony. The biggest concern seems to be the level of investment for the movie.

Sony may be reluctant to "drop a $150 million" for the "Ghostbusters" 3 movie, Dan Aykroyd said in an interview on The Morning Show. He was attending an event to promote the initiative - Stand Up to Cancer.

When asked about the "Ghostbusters" 3 movie he said that he hopes all the issues get sorted at the corporate level "all the way up and down the company." The majority of the interview was focused on the initiative to tackle cancer.

"Ghostbusters" 3 has been a highly anticipated movie by the fans of the franchise. Some of the fans were disappointed to learn that Bill Murray will not be coming back for the movie. He was one of the lead actors in the previous two movies from the franchise.

The theme of the movies from the franchise revolves around a group of friends using scientific methods to detect and capture ghosts in New York City. The first movie saw them battle an inter dimensional demon and the villain in the second movie was a dead sorcerer trying to find a way to get back to the mortal world.

Both the movies were made in the 1980s and received a huge fan following. Recently many fan made films have been trying to cater to the demand for the next movie. The first movie was produced in the year 1984 and 2014 marks the 30th anniversary of the franchise. Fans have been hoping that some of the original cast come back to refresh the franchise.

Harold Ramis, one of the actors who also played a lead role in the previous movies, died on Feb 24, 2014. He played the role of Dr. Egon Spengler, the scientist who helped create the technology to find and capture ghosts in the movie.

There has still been no official word about the cast of "Ghostbusters" 3 or about when the movie will start filming. Meanwhile fans are eagerly waiting for any news about the franchise. It would be a tall order for the producers to recreate the magic of the first film which captured the imagination of the people and became highly successful.

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