Ghost Captured On Video, Stanley Palace Home To The Paranormal

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A ghostly figure was captured on camera by a group of paranormal investigators who decided to explore the ancient Stanley Palace.

"Sefton Paranormal Investigations" decided to take a night trip to the 16th century Tudor building of Stanley Palace on June 28. Co-founder Aaron Robinette told Chester Chronicle that the group was informed by the building's curator of a secret door underneath the building's staircase, where a man is said to have died.

So the group decided to spend a night at the old palace. In the video, Aaron and his teammate Joanne May are seen near the staircase, which is said to be a hotspot for the paranormal.

"In the video, I'm sat on a chair and Joe is sat on the staircase, and we're calling out to spirits," Aaron said.

"Nothing happened, but it was only when watching the video back that I saw it. It appears and disappears in shot, all in front of the camera," he added.

Aaron said the group tried to find any natural explanation for the ghostly image. They thought "shadows or reflections" may have caused the image to appear and then quickly disappear from view.

"It's the main reason I believe I can categorise it as paranormal," Aaron said when the group couldn't find any logical evidence to disprove the apparition in Stanley Palace.

The video (below) captured the ghostly image of a man standing on a staircase. "Sefton Paranormal Investigations" said the image clearly shows a person's nose, mouth and hair. The ghost was said to have even glanced at the camera first before looking up the stairs.

Aaron said the video for their Stanley Palace investigation was viewed more than 7,000 times when it was first posted online. Since then it has garnered over 24,000 views. According to Mirror UK, the paranormal investigators use various techniques to capture the paranormal on film; such as the use of objects which could trigger the presence of a ghost. The group also uses frank boxes which are actually digital radios specially made to detect any spiritual communication.

"Sefton Paranormal Investigations" is also comprised of other members Pamela Robinette, Alan Mee and Barry Harrison. The group's recent paranormal investigation according to their Web site was at the Lancaster Castle on July 25. Then on Sept.13 the group will be at the Liverpool Medical Institute and on Oct. 31at the Liverpool Town Hall. Chester Chronicle reported any charges to the team's paranormal investigations are donated to the their chosen charity for 2014, the Claire House Hospice.

Source: YouTube/Sefton Paranormal

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