From Getting Puked on to Performing Totally Naked: Top 5 Most Outrageous Acts of Lady Gaga on Stage

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Lady Gaga is making rounds over the Internet as she released her new single from her artistically done album, "ArtPop." The single titled "G.U.Y." made its debut on Gaga's official VEVO account on Youtube last Saturday evening (March 22). The self-professed artist gives it her best when it comes to all of her music videos. Her latest single, "G.U.Y.," runs for a staggering 12 minutes of airtime, much longer than the collaboration she had with Beyonce for "Telephone."


Despite the infusion of art in her released singles, fans have still reacted to publicity stunts Gaga have been pulling on stage. For some, Gaga has already crossed the fine line between being artistic and absurd.

Below are some of the fence-sitting performances of Lady Gaga that could make your jaws drops—either in a good or bad way:

#5 Going to the VMAs in a Meat Dress

Gaga just loves to take the fashion world by storm. True enough, during 2010, Lady Gaga topped the show with her bewildering dress made entirely of meat by Argentine designer Franc Fernandez. With 13 record nominations and two nods for Video of the Year, Lady Gaga accepted her award for Video of the Year in the controversial meat dress. The dress has been later labeled as the most iconic fashion statement in 2010, beating none other than Kate Middleton's engagement dress.

#4 Sacrilegious References in Her Music Videos

Pushing the boundaries once more, Gaga shocked fans all over the world as her singles "Alejandro" and "Judas" featured lyrics that were deemed inappropriate by some religions.

#3 Gaga Performs in a Thong During the Recent VMAs

Not to be outdone by Miley Cyrus' infamous twerking against the then-married Robin Thicke, Gaga performs her first single "Applause" from her album "Artpop" equipped with a series of costume change—until the only thing left on her was a skimpy bikini top and thong. Although artistically done, people still slammed the singer, as many deemed it inappropriate for children.

#2 Performs Totally Naked

While Lady Gaga is known for really eccentric costumes, the one she donned during a performance in the G.A.Y. nightclub in London was all the more bizarre—Lady gaga ended the show by stripping off her white gown exposing her private parts and arse.

#1 Gets Puked On

Of all the Lady Gaga antics, this stunt takes the cake. In a recent SXSW performance, Gaga lets a vomit artist puke paint on her, as she continued to perform like nothing happened.

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