Get Ready For Season 6 Of Best Comedy Series Modern Family: How Season 5 Ended And What To Expect

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Sarah Hyland, From ABCs 'Modern Family,' Poses Backstage.
Sarah Hyland, from ABCs "Modern Family," poses backstage at the 66th Primetime Emmy Awards in Los Angeles, California August 25, 2014. Reuters

The sixth season of ABC's Emmy Award winning series "Modern Family" is just around the corner and is set to hit screens on Wednesday, September 24, 2014. The sixth season is potentially a record breaking if it manages to win a sixth consecutive Primetime Emmy Award for "Best Comedy Series" next year. It is now tied with "Frasier" on five consecutive wins and with the series still going strong, the team behind it are optimistic about the record-breaking chances. Before the new season begins, here is what went down in the season 5 finale:

The two part season finale is focused on the wedding of Cam Tucker and Mitchell Pritchett. Part 1 starts with the couple waking up on the day of the wedding and the series of unfortunate events start almost immediately.


Cam tells Mitch that he picked up the wrong tux from the cleaners and the two of them decide that that is not a big deal since they have a lot of time to go pick it up. When they got to the cleaners, they discovered that they were closed for the day.  They eventually convinced adopted daughter Lily to sneak in using a drop-off chute and she manages to get in. During the process, she tripped an alarm that alert the owner. Lily gets stuck in the automated conveyor and luckily the owner arrives to save the day. They manage to get the tux and retrieve Lily unscathed.

The pair hint that they will be having their honeymoon in Mexico among other dropped hints about what is going down in season 6.


Cam's parents, Merle and Barb Tucker, Mitch parents, and Gloria Pritchett are staying with Jay while they are in town for the wedding. Barb and Gloria stayed at home to get their make-up done and the boys head out to the spa. In the process, both sets of parents start talking to each other about marriage. Jay and Gloria inadvertently drop some advices that lead the Tuckers to decide that they are not satisfied with their own marriage.

The Tuckers confront each other and decide to break up. Jay and Gloria are aghast and start to blame each other for it. They decide that Cam should not find out and the Pritchetts spend the entire crazy day trying to get the Tuckers to change their minds without letting it on to anyone else.


Phil and Claire need to get their brood of three to the wedding and Phil needs to go pick up the wedding present after an eye appointment. Alex accompanies him while Claire heads out to pick up Luke from camp. Phil ends up needing to wear heavy sunglasses after the doctor's appointment and uses it to pretend to be blind to cut the line at the mall to pay for their wedding gift. Claire picks up Luke and in an attempt to be the cool mom and bond with her son, the two of them end up getting stuck on a boat with no paddles.  Meanwhile, Haley is driving charming and perky Andy to the airport where he is going to catch a flight to see his girlfriend.


The outdoor wedding venue that Cam and Mitch have chosen is reported to be in the path of a wildfire. The planner decides that it is no big deal and that they can just move the wedding up from four to one in the afternoon to beat the approaching blaze.

With everyone embroiled in their own dilemma, the entire wedding party rushes to make it in time. The ceremony is slightly delayed when the couple's minister, Sal who is nine months pregnant, suddenly goes into labour. Phil, who wanted to take on the role, immediately steps in and tries to save the day.  Part one ends with the entire group managing to make it to the venue only to be told that the fire has gotten stronger and shifting winds has made it head straight towards them.  The wedding planners decided to shuttle everyone off to an alternate venue. This concludes the first wedding attempt and part 1 of the finale.


The group arrives at a beautiful alternate venue and they are told that it became available because the wedding that was booked there ran into its own complications. The bride ran away and the groom had become suicidal. Cam and Mitch are relieved at the beautiful alternative venue and the wedding gets ready to start for the second time.

As the music starts, the doors burst open and it appears that the runaway bride has returned and the couple want their venue back. The Tucker-Pritchett wedding party is evicted once again and they all squeeze themselves into Mitch and Cam's apartment.

Meanwhile, Haley who got charmed by Andy's sweetness, keeps texting him to convince him not to go see his girlfriend who had broken up with him. Alex tells her to think about what she is doing and try not to hurt Andy's feeling by leading him on. Haley relents and feels guilty and just ends up telling Andy that he deserves to be happy.


With the guests all squeezed into the lawn and scattered out in Mitch and Cam's yard, they attempt to get the wedding started for the third time. Jay gets on the phone with Mitch's mom and the conversation is overheard by Merle and Barb who start to reconsider their decision to split.

The planner finds out that the caterer's truck has flipped leaving the wedding reception with no food. The wedding goes on anyway and just before it starts, the sprinklers go on and soaked some guests who were left in the lawn. Completely stressed out, Mitch goes over the edge and starts to call off the wedding.


Jay steps in to save the day and declares that his son deserves to be wed under better circumstances than a cramped living room with hungry and stressed out guests. He saves the day by calling his golf club and moving the wedding there. Despite his initial inhibitions about his male son going through a same-sex wedding, he decides to finally be at peace with it and walks Mitch down the aisle. This prompts Merle to do the same and he calls on his wife to join him indicating reconciliation.

Mitch and Cam are finally wed and season 5 ends with the Tucker-Pritchett couple now officially a family. Season six will begin next month with the couple's honeymoon and the crazy exploits of the Prtichetts, Dunphys and Tuckers that will surely go on to provide some hilarious TV moments.

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