Get to Know Olga Oleynik, Valeria Lukyanova Human Barbie Doll Twin [SLIDESHOW]

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Move over Anastasya Shpagina, Valeria has a new best friend and it's Olga Oleynik aka "Dominica."

Human doll followers and fans are nothing short of ecstatic when Valeria, introduced her new BFF, Olga. Looking like someone planned for the two of them to look similar, Olga also exhibits the same doll-like features as Valeria. "Dominica" also has long platinum blonde hair, a heart-shaped face, an incredibly tiny waist, and an hourglass figure.

Like Valeria, Olga also hails from the Ukrainian city of Odessa and is often seen hanging out with her famous pals. The two regularly post photos together, in coffee shops, bars, and strolling around different cities.

Another similarity that Dominica shares with Valeria is her interest in esoteric living, or meditation and traveling through their astral bodies. Dominica is also often seen sporting a bindi on her forehead, just like Valeria. The two are set to travel to the United States, with hopes of permanently moving there to start their modeling careers together as "Barbie doll twins."

Though they are weirdly similar, it is noticeable that Dominica has a fuller chest. She also has a wider face, making her sharp features look like they're "photoshopped" even more.

Valeria shares that she met Olga online, and was surprised how similar they are to each other. Fans even refer to them as blood sisters, but Valeria insists that they are more than that-that they are "spiritual sisters."  There are already several photos of them together, some with fans, and their followers are nothing short of excited for their "takeover" in North America.

What do you think about this tandem? Is it right for America's younger generation to witness how they live their lives? Voice out your concerns and opinions in the comment section below.

Start the slideshow to see images of Dominica.

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