Get To Know The Celebrity Dog Lovers in Hollywood [PHOTOS]


Pet dogs also play an important role especially in the leisure parts of the lives of every celebrity. From actors like Will Smith to the big time socialites like Paris Hilton, we feature here the leading celebrities often seen around their neighbourhood hanging around with the dogs they so love.

Sandra Bullock. If others like getting healthy dogs for pets, then it is different for this actress who likes adopting injured dogs and making them better. She has adopted a mix breed of Pomeranian and Chihuahua who only has three legs. She also has another Chihuahua called Ruby who has two legs.

Amanda Seyfried. This pretty and young actress has been seen taking her dog for regular walks despite her busy schedule. Even during her shoot for her most recent film with Justin Timberlake 'In Time,' she was seen still spending time with her darling pooch Finn.

Hugh Jackman. Hugh calls his French Bulldog pet "Peaches." So cute, isn't it? Peaches is ten months old and would make anyone feel that she is way too small for someone as masculine as Hugh to own. But still, they look cute together.

Will Smith. He and his wife owns four Rottweilers who they take for regular walks. They have even purchased a special treadmill where their dogs can work out whenever both of them get all too busy with their schedules. This would help their dogs still run as much as they want even while staying at home.

Paris Hilton. Paris Hilton loved her pet dogs so much that she came up with her own line of apparel for them. What's more is that she even spent thousands of dollars to come up with a mansion where she can keep them all. Now, that's one pet owner who is a total spoiler.

Check out photos of these celebrity dog lovers with their loved pets in the slideshow!


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