Get Improved Nexus 5 Battery Life and New Dialer with Google Android L

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Google introduced its Android L platform during its I/O conference. Among the standout features include new Material Design and Project Volta. While the flashy Material Design got the show going on during the event, it is Project Volta which is now making waves. The feature is not only new but it addresses the basic problem most smartphone users want solved. According to recent reports, Project Volta has resolved the battery drain in the Nexus 5 whereas the new Android L also introduced a new dialer for users to have fun with. 

The update offers a range of battery saving features and tweaks to extend the battery life of devices. According to Ars Technica, people can work longer with their handsets on a single charge. In an experiment featuring Android devices, one device operated with the L preview while the other device ran on the Android 4.4.4. According to Techno Buffalo, the device running on the Android L was the winner. The device lasted for 471 minutes or around 8 hours compared to the 345 minutes or under 6 hours of the other device. 

The device with the Android L preview ran 36% better in terms of battery life compared to the other device. According to Ars Technica, when they disabled the new "battery saver" function on the device, it came on automatically once the device ran on 15% battery. 

Project Volta combines the basic features of Project Butter and Project Svelte. Butter made sure animations ran smoothly under Android Jelly Bean. Svelte, on other hand, made sure KitKat is compatible with mid-range Android devices. One of the most standout features of the project is "JobScheduler" API. This allows Android to combine smaller app requests over tapping each program separately. The battery saver feature also minimizes background activity. It can lower screen brightness if the device is running out of juice. 

One of the most prominent changes of the Material Design is the new Dialer. Similar to other improved features of the Android platform, the Dialer works as the previous one. That good thing about the change is that it looks better and performs better. People will no longer deal with outside pages and multiple levels. There is only one single screen offering a beautiful experience.

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