Get Improved HTC One M8 Camera With XDA Community Update

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HTC One M8
Customers look at HTC smartphones in a mobile phone shop in Taipei in this July 30, 2013 file photo. Taiwanese smartphone vendor HTC Corp said on May 6, 2014 it projects revenue in April-June to almost match that of a year earlier thanks primarily to sales of new flagship One M8 beating those of its predecessor. REUTERS/Pichi Chuang

The HTC One M8 has been a success earning positive reviews since its release. According to reports and consumers, one of the best attributes of the device is the camera. The device may not be as groundbreaking or revolutionary but it does have a series of reliable features thus the positive response. In order to enhance the Android experience more, a number of third party communities often provide fixes and modifications to help users take advantage of their smartphones more - these include a community camera update to enhance HTC One's camera. 

The camera update and fix for HTC One M8 comes from Jishnu Sur from XDA Developer's community. The camera tweak is currently on its second version - during the time of the release. According to Android Headlines, the modification can also support other problems and bugs on the camera component. 

For the first version, people can expect a new 'tap to shoot' feature. This takes the place of the 'tap to focus' function of the stock application. The update changed the profiles of how the device captures media. This allows users to get higher audio quality at the end. The modification offered better LPEG quality at 95. The bitrate or the video-captured data speed in playback also increased. HTC stock set it at 1080p at 20Mbps and 720p at 14 Mbps. The mod changed it to 1080p at 25-40.5 Mbps varying depending on light conditions. It also changed the rate to 720p at 20-36 Mbps depending on the lighting conditions. Sound captured media bitrate was also changed from 156kbps (stock) to 192kbps. 

Sur tweaked the color reproduction quality of camera functions like HDR, manual and auto modes. The outputs were also enhanced ensuring people can better camera experience. The version adds even more functionality to the table. The Constant BitRate/CBR or the video bitrate got fixed to 35 Mbps. People can now find an 'Action' scene function on the camera offering super quick shutter speed. For more information about the camera modifications and improvements, check out Sur's update

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