To Get a Good Night's Sleep: Put an End to Snoring

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Sleep deprivation can lead to frying of the brain. Reuters

Many people worldwide don't get a good night's sleep of eight hours every night. Most who experience exhaustion, headaches or suffering from high blood pressure could be signs of a serious problem. 

For several sleepness nights, this could be a result of snoring or a common symptom of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), which is a potential health problem.

Research showed snoring, although considered a minor annoyance, can be very dangerous to one's health. More than 18 million Americans could be sufferng from OSA.

Due to a complete or partial obstruction of the airway, people suffering from OSA unknowningly stop breathing when they are asleep. The airway used to breathe is blocked with the relaxation of  the jaw, throat and tongue muscles.This could lead to the lack of oxygen for over a minute or more and it occurs each night about a hundred times.

Most people wake up when they feel a complete or partial obstruction. Waking up often could leave one feeling exhausted.

OSA has been associated with other health problems, as reported by How Life Works like acid reflux, frequent night time urination, memory loss, stroke, depression, diabetes and heart attack. Those at higher risk are people over 35 years old.

OSA is expensive to treat. About $5,000 is required for an overnight visit in a sleep clinic where the doctors analyze the sleeping pattern and prescribe a treatment. The treatments could involve painful surgery or wearing an uncomfortable device that forces one to sleep with their airways open.

Published by Division of Sleep Medicine, Eastern Virginia Medican School in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine, a case study showed while sleeping, wearing a chinstrap can help in the treatment of OSA.

These chinstraps are being sold by a company called MySnoringSolution. The device supports the lower jaw and tongue, preventing obstruction of the airway. It's made from a high-tech, lightweight and supercomfortable material.  

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