Germany Green Party in Pedophilia Cases? Greens Asked to Explain Horrifying Law Legalising Pedophilia

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The Green Party is known for prosecuting crimes against sexual abuses of children within the Catholic Church. Antje Vollmer, a Green Party parliamentarian, was known to tackle sexual abuses within schools run by church in 1950s and 1960s.

 Ironically, the party is now faced with the same challenge as it was asked to explain the historical accounts linking the party to an abuse of power as it protects people who committed grave sexual abuse to children. The party leaders are given until Monday to create a resolution for them to conduct their own research of all the documents pertaining to the issue.

 Spiegel Online, a local news portal in Germany, came out with detailed historical accounts of a harrowing past surrounding the country's political party, the Green Party.

 According to the newspaper, the issue has gotten to the center of scrutiny when Daniel Cohn-Bendit was refused to give his speech at the Theodor Heuss Prize, recognising him as a chief contributor to European democracy. The president of Germany's Federal Constitution Court cited a passage from Cohn-Bendit's autobiographical book in 1975 titled, The Great Bazaar, as strong ground for him to be denied delivering his speech at the awarding ceremony.

 The passage goes, "You know, a child's sexuality is a fantastic thing. You have to be honest and sincere. With the very young kids, it isn't the same as it is with the four-to-six-year-olds. When a little, five-year-old girl starts undressing, it's great, because it's a game. It's an incredibly erotic game."

 Green Party leaders have already addressed the issue, saying that they are dealing with regrettable but isolated cases, "Protecting children from sexual abuse was and remains a central concern. It is unacceptable that some are now trying to reinterpret the positions of the individual groups in the past as a supposedly lax position of the Green toward the sexual abuse of children."

 But those who were criticizing the party said that the Green Party was never accused of committing sex with children, but rather promoting a conducive environment for those perpetrators of the crime.

The Harrowing Past

 Records showed that the group Schwuppies, the pedophiles group within the party, received funding from the Green Party itself and from its parliamentary group in Bundestag. The Schwuppies did not hide their sexual preferences. In fact, the letterhead of the chairman of BAG Schwup, Dieter F. Ullmann, had a logo of an old man maliciously wrapping over a young boy's shoulders.

 According to Kurt Hartmann, a former member of BAG Scwup in the 1980s, "In terms of national politics, the Greens were the only hope for pedophiles. They were the only party that put their necks on the line for sexual minorities in the long term."

 At that time, pedophiles group aimed to eradicate Section 176 of the German Criminal Code which criminalises sexual acts with children. The Greens was the only political party that has showed interest to enter in a debate about the issue.

 In March 1980, the Greens approved a discrimination against sexual disorders programme during their second national convention. The program approved a "pedo-commission" which was tasked to handle the interests of the pedophiles minority.

 An advertisement for the Greens was published in the gay newspaper Torso in 1983. The advertisement text read, "Sections 174 and 176 should be amended to read that only the application or threat of violence, or the abuse of a dependent relationship in connection with sexual acts should be criminalized." To those who understood the law, this advertisement said that "Adults could have sex with children, as long as they weren't their own and they weren't threatened with violence."

 In March 1985, the Greens gave its approval to a position paper that permits "non-violent sexuality" between adults and children. Even if the position was immediately dropped because of public uproars, BAG Schwup was optimistic because pedophile's agenda was already open for political discussion.

 According to an official statement from Schwup at that time, "The fact that, for the first time, the protagonists are becoming the targets of HATE and disgust, scorn and derision, all of this is good and not bad. These emotions always arise at the beginning of a truly deep debate."

 A Green Party Politician, Willi D., was convicted of rape of two-and-half-year-old daughter in the spring of 1985. There were members of the party that were against forcing Willi D. to resign from the party. They said that if Willi D. was excluded from the Green Party, this would mean that the party is guilty of delivering him to the criminal justice system without protection."

 The Green Party's transition to present times

 After seven full years of the Green Party's establishment, the pedophiles had finally lost its influence on the party. The women's movement contributed to its abolition. The women rages against the fact that the Greens were associated to pedophiles who want to act out such appalling acts on children.

 There were also pro-gay advocates within the party who had enough of being associated with pedophiles that they work in favour of the abolition of the pedophiles' group.

 By 1987, the pedophiles were totally eradicated within the Green Party.

 At present, the Green Party remains blind about the past that is haunting them.

 Green Party co-chair Claudia Roth said that "At no point did a committee within the green Party's national organization adopt a resolution that would advocate the decriminalization of the sexual abuse of children."

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