German Tour Guide Donates Sperm for Free to Lesbian Pairs, Single Women & Couples With Fertility Problems

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If there are female baby makers who rent their wombs for nine months to create a child which is given to another woman, often with fertility problem, to raise the infant as her own, in Germany there is a man who offers insemination service, but for free.

Tour guide Ed Houben used to donate his semen to a sperm bank since 2002, but because the Netherlands and other European nations as well as Canada banned anonymous sperm donation, he instead offered his service on the Internet.

Along with the change is the method he donates his seed from collecting his semen via ejaculation which is then artificially inseminated to women to making babies the traditional way by male-female sex which he said provides better chance of conception.

Some men may find Mr Houben's work as lucky because they get to have sex with different women for free and having no responsibility after getting the woman pregnant. And the procreation sessions are not one-night stands because Mr Houben and his female sex partner try to get to know each other before jumping into bed.

Among his "clients" are lesbian pairs, single women and couples with fertility issues.

In his council flat in Maastricht, Mr Houben has a digital frame with a slideshow of 89 children. He also maintains a database of his kids by different women on his computer to ensure they would not unknowingly interbreed. The list will be available for his children when they reach adulthood and need more information about him and his kids by other women.

Mr Houben has succeeded where U.S. and UK fertility clinics have failed. He cited the case of a childless British couple who spent a decade trying to have a child. But after he had sex with the woman four times, she finally became pregnant.

She gave birth and even returned to Germany for a second serving. The Brit woman is now expecting her second baby by Mr Houben, considered surely by many males as a lucky chap.

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