German Baby Weighs 5lbs More than Prince George of Cambridge

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A 13.47-pound baby girl was born in Germany and she now holds the title of ‘heaviest baby born.’ 

The Prince of Cambridge weighed in at more than 8lbs, he was still bigger than his father Prince William or his grandfather, Prince Charles in terms of birth weight. Not bad for a modern day monarch

But baby Jasleen is in a whole new rank of her own, weighing nearly twice as much as Prince George. Both the Prince and Jasleen, however, were born via natural birth. And parenting skills for parents is likely to be the same - breastfeeding, changing diapers, the whole nine yards until they are self-reliant. 

The New York Daily News reported that Jasleen was delivered without the help of a C-section. So was Prince Alexander George Louis.

Babies born with a birth weight higher than 8 lbs 13 ounces is called fetal macrosomia, say reports, with the condition being common to mothers who are overweight or diabetic. Fortunately, Kate Middleton and the Prince William duke of cambridge have had more medical care and checkup, so they are probably healthier than most parents.

According to the German paper Das Spiegel, Jasleen’s doctors say that her size is attributed to gestational diabetes, which was undiagnosed in the mother.

Until Jasleen was born, Germany’s heaviest baby was Jihad born in November 2011, who weighed 13 lbs. This year saw the birth of another heavyweight, weighing in at more than 15lbs. He was born to a British couple and was delivered by natural childbirth.

With so many babies weighing in as ‘heavy babies’, the Guiness Book says the largest baby was 23lbs born to Ann Bates in 1879. Though Jasleen is not about to skip that scale, she has come close.

Both Jasleen and her mother are reportedly doing well, reports The Huffington Post.

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