Georges St-Pierre’s UFC Comeback in Jeopardy?

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Georges St-Pierre has revealed that he will only return to fight in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) when stringent drug testing is carried out on the athletes. However, another factor that could jeopardise St-Pierre' UFC comeback is the recent injury he suffered after the former welterweight champion injured the ligament in his left knee while training.

According to TV Mix, this wouldn't be the first time that St-Pierre has torn his anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). In 2011, St-Pierre has apparently torn his ACL on his right knee. It happened before his showdown with Carlos Condit at UFC 154. Now, the Web site furthered speculated if St-Pierre will ever return to the UFC.

In a news report by Montreal Gazette, St-Pierre stated told The Canadian Press through a text message that he is doing okay.

UFC President Dana White, via Los Angeles Times, said that he assumed St-Pierre's alleged temporary break from UFC would be quick, but now that the Canadian mixed martial artist had suffered an injury, the likelihood of returning to the Octagon ring will definitely take a long time.

"I didn't think this hiatus was going to be that long," said White.

"The guy gave up his belt, walked away from the sport, and now he's out for who knows how long, last time he had this injury, it was 14 months," White added.

Despite injuring his ACL on the left knee, St-Pierre was spotted doing some muscle training at a beach in Florida. He is definitely working around his injury. St-Pierre was with martial arts and fitness expert Erik Owings, probably just keeping in shape prior his scheduled surgery.

Whether St-Pierre comes back or not in the Octagon ring is a choice that only he can assess. For the 32-year-old St-Pierre, it may really be time for him to hang up his gloves. After all, the achievements that he had acquired under his name while fighting in the UFC are incomparable and countless. St-Pierre is the only fighter who had successfully defended the UFC welterweight belt consecutively from 2007 until he surrendered it in December, following his victory over Johny Hendricks and his decision to step away from the Octagon ring.


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